Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dinner @ Brando's Pizzeria Cafe, Vic Park

Joe and I went to Brando's Pizzeria Cafe to have dinner last Friday because we can't be bothered to cook. (TOO COLD!!! >_<)

I heart people saying this place is quite good and only opens at night for dinner, so I thought it must be good if they only opens at night.

Anyway, I like the rustic deco and there's a LCD TV showing FIFA. hehe
We go throught the menu and decided to order a small Brando's Special Pizza and Spicy Buffalo Wings.

We waited for about 25 minutes for our food to come. To us, 25 mins is quite long because I keep seeing people come in to order pizza then go out with 3 boxes of pizzas! They must be making pizzas for the takeaway first then only ours. -_-" either that, or they are still catching the chickens to make our spicy wings.

The pizza looks nice but it lacks of cheese and sauce. I was quite dissapointed with it actually. The base was good but there's no taste. Lucky we ordered a small one.

The Spicy Buffalo Wings weren't spicy and it's black. 0_0
It doesn't taste burnt but pretty sure there's lots and lots of sugar on it. Skin was pretty tasty.

When I was walking out after dinner, I saw a whole bunch of young kids preparing the pizza and serve at the counter. Thats probably why the food quality wasn't that good. Such a pity.

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