Monday, June 21, 2010

Dessert @ Cups, Vic Park

After dinner at Himalayan Nepalese that day, 3 of us were craving for something COLD although it's winter, that's because we had curry hehehe..

We found this lil cute white newly open Yoghurt shop just nearby Icey Ice and opposite Makan Makan in Vic Park. Or opposite The Good Store.

When I look at the shop, straight away Frances and I got excited because it looks so cute and colours are very girly~ hehe.. We saw lots of lil treats in bowls! Soft and crunchy and chocolatey~~

Gotto say, it's very hard for me to know how this thing works because I don't think they write it up clearly. So, we gotto ask them how to order. Oh, if you are unsure of what kinda flavour you want, you can request to have a try.

Frances got Wildberries Yoghurt with Longans, mochi and corns.
I tried the mochi.. yumyum!!! Goes really well with the yoghurt!

I got the Green Tea Yoghurt with Longans, Nata De Coco and Palm Seeds.
Oh yum~~~~~
I know the photo look unclear and gross, that's because I was so excited eating it first and forgot to take a photo of it! hehe

Go and have a try!!


Franky said...

that was yummy!!

CokOz said...

eeeh i try that one, was looking forward green tea, but is was bit tasteless, maybe im too used to the strong flavor from icey ice or baskin n robbin,
but pomegranate and wildberry yummm

Jo Serwey said...

Chocolate flavour coming soon! :)
BTW I have replied you in the previous post for your invitation.

CokOz said...

woops didnt see your previous comment, today im looking for dessert place to go so googled your blog!!
i dont remember where i posted for the invit, but i remember that the snails in the french restaurant was soso!
Are you going to KL or anothe city?
in KL i went to a jap buffet in sunway pyramid, it was awesome, snails and fresh oyester and ice cream and so much stuff unlimited =)

Jo Serwey said...

hahahaha Buffet in KL is just in heaven. I love it too! especially the desserts section ahahahha
im going back to KL again and probably Thai next year. FOOD TIME! XD

moshimoshi said...

the nicest frozen yogurt in perth