Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coolest Masak Masak Ever

I'm a masak masak sucker when I was young.
Masak-masak is a cottage game played by young girls whereby they pretend to cook delicious dishes from imaginary ingredients and plastic utensils.

I was so in love with masak masak, I even drew the picture of fried eggs, meat, veges and make the rice using paper! In my time, they only got pots, plates, cup and stuff like that.. So, I gotto draw them. When I was about High school, then came out the ovens and microwaves! Then after that, plastic food.

Then 1 day, my maid decided to throw my masak masak away when we were moving house. I was so upset and until now I am still angry at her for throwing my toys away.

Anyway, I saw this youtube video on facebook and I was sooooo amazed!!! I can't believe it!

It's so unbelievable, I think all the adults want to play with it too!!!
Anybody going to Japan?!?!?! Can you please buy me one!!?


CokOz said...

haha so cool,
just noticed your avatar,
its so you!!
and me aswell lol

Jo Serwey said...

ahahah.. u too? cool!
I havent really know who are you yet coco~ would you mind intro? :P very nice meeting u here!

CokOz said...

i forgot what I googled to find your blog, but as long as I found it dats fine!! lol
except im trying to lose weight, I put 10k since im here!!
bad bad food but tasty haha.

hey im going to Malaysia only for 2 days, where is your best place over there? or just hawker?

Jo Serwey said...

10kg? hahaha well, im not that good too since i came here :P working hard on losing some weight before I go back to KL :P
doesn't work. hahahaha

Malaysia? oh great! to be honest, I have lost track on what's good in malaysia now, because food is everywhere! Have you been there before? In KL city, there's a shop sells very very nice fish head noodle in the afternoon and very very nice chicken wings at night! are you interested? hahahhaa..

or go to the famous food blogger site to see where you like to go!

CokOz said...

lol lucky i wasnt too fat, now im between healthy and fat.

oh you sent me the blog of "how to be fat"!!! I wanna go to the japanese buffet!!( but how come the guy is so skinny?)
but i would die for a Zong zi as well! rather than those from emma seafood lol

I went to KL before, but i was so into shopping that I didnt eat, and cause i was by myself so its boring to eat alone,
I think I end up eating bak kua and durian haha, (oooooops not allowed in the hotel lol)
everytime there's so much fancy food, I dont know what to choose for an hour and I end up with the most simple things, but yuuuuuum

Jo Serwey said...

hahaahha u are so funny coco. since u are going to KL. just eat everything you can!! then starve urself after that hahaha..
Zong zi.. I not sure about that.. I usually have my grandma's zong zi which is delicious :P
Bak kua.. Durian..
OMG how about Bak kut teh?? try the new food court at KL city! but not sure if it's still good :P