Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fever d...

Got sick since Sunday starting with sorethroat. Then on Monday, running nose. I had Lemsip, Advil and strepsils.. I still get fever.

My fever come and go so fast I can't keep up! Hopefully my fever will be gone tomorrow.. so that I can do whatever I wanna do!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

sick sick go away

Mantou is having annoying sore throat and runny nose since yesterday night.. Hope Mantou doesn't get a fever too >_<"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tea Time @ La Galette, Nedlands

La Galette is always my favourite when it comes to pastry.
They got the best fruit tart, almond croissants, petit fours and much more!
La Galette in Nedlands serve good coffee and crepes too! Now thats yum!

From what I know, there are 3 shops in Perth. One in South Perth on Mends St, One in Nedlands on Broadway and the first shop is in the Subiaco Market.

Today I got myself some Almond Croissants to give myself and Joe a little treat! So so yum.. ^_^

and how can I forget this?? The Macaroons!!
These weren't cheap at all! >_<
They were $2.50 each.

Are you hungry now?

La Galette De France Nedlands on Urbanspoon

Perth Upmarket June 2010, UWA

Perth Upmarket time again! This is the second time I've been to Upmarket and it is more crowded and more things to see!

The first time that I've been to is at the Perth Town Hall back in 2009, but now they have expanded to a bigger hall to accommodate shoppers and more creative people to sell their products!

Having it in UWA is good, with the historical buildings and beside the grass and pond is great.

Which mean I get to take photos! :P

Look at the crowd.

Isn't it madness?
Yea.. i mean both.. nice design and a lot of people!!

Leen and I love this singer. Her voice is so so nice..
Everybody just sitting under the sky listening to her relaxing songs.
Check it out here from her website.

Then we saw this beautiful wall stickers from Wallalure. I so like the one in the middle. It's nice rite? They got lots of designs and it's all beautiful.
Even Leen can't help it, not sure which to pick for her new room wall.

We really enjoy looking at those things that they were selling. So cute and artistic.

and I found my favourite! HIPPO!! without teeth!

My highlight for today was the Food. hehe..

The handcrafted chocolate from KAKAWA

Pretty Cupcakes from Mama Jo's

Mouth watering Moroccan Lamb with cous cous and Turkish bread with dips by Word of Mouth.
It was delicious.

I had a wonderful time in the Perth Upmarket with Leen. Saw lots of beautiful things, had delicious food and took some photos.

The photo include a Albino Peacock!

This is my first time to see the White Peacock! I was so surprise to see about 6 peacocks that lived in the University campus. They were so used to human and u can go close to them and take a photo with them! of course you don't act smart and touch them, u will probably end up getting poke by them.

ah.. so beautiful!!!

Dinner @ Brando's Pizzeria Cafe, Vic Park

Joe and I went to Brando's Pizzeria Cafe to have dinner last Friday because we can't be bothered to cook. (TOO COLD!!! >_<)

I heart people saying this place is quite good and only opens at night for dinner, so I thought it must be good if they only opens at night.

Anyway, I like the rustic deco and there's a LCD TV showing FIFA. hehe
We go throught the menu and decided to order a small Brando's Special Pizza and Spicy Buffalo Wings.

We waited for about 25 minutes for our food to come. To us, 25 mins is quite long because I keep seeing people come in to order pizza then go out with 3 boxes of pizzas! They must be making pizzas for the takeaway first then only ours. -_-" either that, or they are still catching the chickens to make our spicy wings.

The pizza looks nice but it lacks of cheese and sauce. I was quite dissapointed with it actually. The base was good but there's no taste. Lucky we ordered a small one.

The Spicy Buffalo Wings weren't spicy and it's black. 0_0
It doesn't taste burnt but pretty sure there's lots and lots of sugar on it. Skin was pretty tasty.

When I was walking out after dinner, I saw a whole bunch of young kids preparing the pizza and serve at the counter. Thats probably why the food quality wasn't that good. Such a pity.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Today is just full of shocking news.

Firstly, Australia suddenly got a new PM and she is the first lady PM.

Secondly, Australia football won 2-0! But still didn't get into the WCup.

Third, my colleague had a dream on me crying so hard for not able to watch 2 Twilight movies at work! Why am I crying for the movies?? I don't even watch them in real life!! 0_0"

Fourth, Malaysia Airline got SALE! yay! got my ticket back to KL in 2011!!!!

Fifth, I'm shock that I'm still in a shock mode and I can't sleep!!!! XD

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

[Photog] Mini Threads

Yay~ First day off for me on the Wednesdays after 2 weeks of full time working! I was busy again on a free day as usual. :) Went to see my skin doctor to get my skin check then to Elisha's house to help her out on her new cutey online shop.

She is a gorgeous mum with excellent eye for baby clothing and toys. She handmade them all. I was there today to help her to photographs her handmade clothing and toys for her website. I was impressed when I saw the range of things that she had and they are so cute!

Look at them! They look like dresses for the Sex and the City actresses!

The Carrie Bradshaw

The Samantha Jones

the Miranda Hobbes

and The Charlotte York!

I'm just making the names up :P The clothing does not have a name like this. I just thought that it's easier for me to remember hehe. But don't you think that it's all very gorgeous? I love them and I want to wear them! I even asked Elisha if she can make an adult version for me to wear!

After 2 hours of taking photos of the clothing, Elisha brought out some cupcakes and tea for me~ how nice~ I love cupcakes and I love a hot cup of tea during wintery days.

After tea time, it was time to have fun with my favourite things.. SOFT TOYS~!
Elisha made like 2 to 3 boxes of handmade soft toys that is so cute, I just want them all.

The Angel

The Drunken Bee

and the Mr Bean's Bear Lookalike.

There's more! But you will need to wait for the website to be up and ready. Maybe a month or 2 time.. I can't wait to see the website!

and of course.. how can I missed taking photos for the lil ones at home.. Abbey is growing up really fast and looking like Mia now! Time really flies..

I am going to be so busy editing the photos for the Mini Threads! :) Will let you guys know about the website as soon as they are ready! XD

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dinner @ Ayami, Northbridge

I brought Leen's family to try this newly opened Ayami Japanese Restaurant in Northbridge just now.
Ayami is famous with the freshly made sushi with fresh sashimi. This is the Sushi Master, Kengo Omori. He is a very very serious with his sushi. Didn't see him smile at all while I'm disturbing him with the photo taking :P

We had an amazing night with very delicious food. Everything FRESH and TASTY! Gotto say, the menu was pretty small. only 4 pages with huge leading. Me and Leen keep flipping front and back hope to see more choices. Unfortunately, we have to stick to that 4 pages. Nothing magical happen :P



Beef Fillet Diced Steak

Beef Tataki

Agedashi Tofu

Sushi & Sashimi Mix

Chicken Karaage

Grilled Field Mushroom with Garlic and Cheese.

Everything taste very very nice. We were very impressed with the flavour and the plating. Sushi is absolute winner. Sashimi was so fresh I don't even need to dip the sauce. Sushi rice is perfectly cooked. I love the Beef fillet Steak too, the sauce is fragrant and buttery.

Overall, we enjoyed our night with delicious food and definitely going back there to have another round of sushi. The only thing to take note is the menu is quite small, some people might be disappointed with the menu but try ordering a lil bit of everything, it's all perfect. Ayami served their food professionally by having a small menu to make sure everything is good. Make sure you try their Sashimi man.. it's so so so delicious. I love the raw mackerel! (Get the Sushi and Sashimi Mix hehehe)

You will know it's Authentic when you found out that you and your frens were the only non Japanese in there. :)

Check out the menu on Urbanspoon. I have uploaded the menu there under Ayami Japanese Restaurant.

Shop 2, 182 James Street, Northbridge
Ph: 9328 2525
Mobile: 0412 332 995

Ayami Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon