Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Very very busy day! XD

It's Wednesday again and I am hell tired!!!! But it's a good tired though!! :)

You must be curious what I did the whole day and feeling sooooo tired and still want to blog about it at 11.45pm with my eyes going =_=
I'm so excited to blog about it even though I'm dead tired man.

One of the exciting things that I did today was had a cook up with Chef Eileen!
Guess what! This is the first time she made me a proper meal!!!

Wan Tan Mee!!!!
Awesome or not?? I was sooo surprise she started cooking for herself at home these few days! She is a fan of masterchef too you see.. thats why cooking is like so exciting now. Supermarket here must be earning loads now hahah.

Well, while boiling the noodles, for like.. a long time.. I looked at the noodles and look at her, I asked her, how long are you suppose to boil the noodles? She said I like it undercooked. I look at the noodles.. "This is overcooked!" 0_0
For some reason, she thought that I like soggy noodles!!! >_< and that is why she purposely have the noodles cook til soft. Luckily the noodle still taste nice! With Eileen's special sauce and technique, the wan tan mee turn out awesome hahaha Thanks leen! I'm so proud of you!!!

Now, what did we cook really? We both have masterchef magazine and we decided to try to cook 2 dishes from the mag!

The Gooey Chocolate and Hazelnut puddings

and the Spiced Meatballs with Tzatziki and Rosemary Bread

OMG...after tasted it, we were so so so so so so happy!!!! The taste was excellent! Texture is perfect! We high 5 for like twice! I even brought it home for Joe to try. and he said Very Nice!
Woah, I tell you, best moment mannnn. High 5 again leen! hahahahah
Beef Wellington next? :P

Other than cooking yummy food, right before I went to Eileen's house, I actually took the opportunity to practice my photo taking skill with Joe's high school mate's baby girls.
The 18months old Mia and a few weeks old Abbey.

Mia is the cutest and funniest girl that has the most beautiful eyes! I played with her more than I'm taking the photos! The words that she loves to say the most is "Oh Dear~!" She is one lucky girl too.. She had the most amazing "magazine" looking room!

Is this for real??? I want a room like that!!! XD
I know I'm freaking 28, but I want my room like that!!! So cuteeeeee!
Cuteness overdose!

Baby Abbey!
I have zero knowledge on moving babies around especially when they are like jelly. I really wanted to move her position around to get good lighting and good pose, but I'm too afriad!
Looking at the photos that I've taken, I think at least 10% of the photos is okay to use :P haha

I have to admit I have trouble taking nice photos that I like while I was there for 2 hours. I was kinda disappointed with myself while I was taking it. Firstly, I got no experience with the camera. Secondly, I have never done Photography class before. (Well, I did before but then because I never listen in the class and ask my friend to do most of the job.. so... yea.. equals to zero)

After I got home, transfer the file over to my laptop, I'm actually quite happy with the outcome! There are tons of blurry photos but lucky enough I got some clear and beautiful ones! I just wish one day, I can capture every moment beautifully and no blurry photos. :) finger crossed.


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Anonymous said...

looking at the wonderful food pics, i thought you were writing about another restaurant you'd just tried! *triple thumbs up* and i think you both did a fantastic job...the pudding looks soooo yummy! ;) _WC_

Jo Serwey said...

haha weiching! didn't know u read my blog :P
I cant write reviews of restaurant everytime man.. 1stly my family will not even look at it, 2ndly I need to slow down with my food intake hahaha going crazy and going fat!
so yea, u gotto take a look at masterchef man. freaking awesome. when u come here i will show u the mag and book!~ haha