Friday, May 21, 2010

[Photog] Elisha's Girls

Who is Elisha?
Elisha is my boyfriend's High school mate's wife. haha I think that's clear enough ey?
We recently went to her house to visit her new born baby, Abbey.

Although I have only met Elisha the 4th time, but she is the most positive girl I have ever met! She is always smiling, never yell at her children, very down to earth, gentle and very good at decorating the house! Her house is the most beautiful and cozy looking house ever! I want a house like that! :P

This is my favourite shot. I laugh everytime I see this! Couldn't help it! The whole time when I was there, she was sleepy, drowsy, crying, pooing and her eyes never really open up. Until she was feeling full and a good sleep, she suddenly became hyper! She look like she saw an alien (me) suddenly in the house! Eyes wide open! I couldn't stop laughing after I saw her reaction hahahahah. So CUTE!

As you know, I'm a total afriad of stranger. But Elisha was so nice, I feel like she knows me a lot! I know I didn't say anything much (thats because my mandarin to english language was processing really slow that time!) but I did try my best and I feel so comfortable around her and her two lil girls.

This is Mia. She is going to be 2 years old in a few months time. She is the cutest girl! So friendly too! She is still learning how to speak but there's one word that can keep her occupy the whole day. That word is "Oh Dear~!"

The whole time when I was there, I think Mia and I used up 30 minutes by just saying Oh Dear to each other. It's amazing how I can talk to her for the whole time I was there by just saying oh dear. hahahaha
I think I learn some new words from her too XD

She is the most photogenic person and she has a pair of the most beautiful big eyes! I want eyes like hers! Look at her! She is so so cute isn't she?

Ahh.. happy~

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