Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lunch @ Peninsula Tranby Tea Garden

I was told by Cecilia S. that Tranby Tea Garden is absolutely gorgeous place to have hi tea.
I was delighted to hear that and I went home straight and did some research on it.

ie: Where is that place!
Smarty pants me, thought that it will be easy to just follow the iphone GPS. Got the directions and off we go. I dragged Judy along with me bacause she is English! She must know all about hi tea and she can teach me everything about hi tea cuz I have never been to one. hehe
Oh, I was talking about going there using iphone GPS.. yea.. I took a couple of u turns, u turns.. and a few more u turns just to get there :P Partly my fault hahaha I didn't read the map properly and there is actually change of road that iphone didn't pick it up. Poor Judy~ she huv to be in the car, turning round and round with me.

and we finally got there!

That place was quite secluded and it is a very beautiful area... I really really love it there. Beautiful trees, sky blue water and nicely trimmed green grass~

It's just so English~

When I walked into the shop, I saw people having cakes on beautiful tiers. Just so happy to see them eating it. I was like a kid, happily sit on the chair and looking through the menu. There are quite a bit of choices on the menu and we don't know what to get! I just feel like getting everything! hahaha.. But I know I should control my weight :P

So Judy and I shared a $33 Parisian Afternoon Tea, Quiche and 2 types of tea. The Buddha's Tears and the Kenilworth Tea.
Check out the menu here. you gotto dl it.

Tea sandwiches – Smoked salmon and salmon mousse, Roast beef and horseradish, Ham and Dijon mustard, Cucumber and cream cheese. & Freshly baked scone – served with whipped cream and gourmet strawberry preserve together with a selection of French style Petit Fours and cakes, served with a pot of tea of your choice. Served on a silver three-tiered curate stand, together with fine bone china and silverware.

Everything they use is so classy. Even the teapot is so kewl!
The teacup even more kewl~ Judy showed me the bottom of the cup and she told me all about the high quality china and the differences. See the word bone china written on it? Means the cup is made using bone ash. Wow.. they are so particular with the cups. I'm impressed!

Here comes our 3 tiers full of sweetness~!

Here's the close up.

Dissapointed at the sandwiches though.. the bread wasn't soft. It feels like they made if few hours before.

Quiche - Beautiful light and fluff. I just want more after!!
Freshly baked in house served with cool crispy salad and vegetable relish. Choose from cheese and bacon or sun dried tomato and feta.

I know it didn't look like a lot, but I'm glad that we only ordered the Quiche and 1 set of Parisian Afternoon Tea. Because if we had 1 set of P A Tea each for ourselves, we would be dead full. So, to share is good, I get to try 2 dishes and I control my portion! heheeheh

Go there and have a cup tea and some cakes with the girlies on a beautiful afternoon. It will be great fun. :)

Just saw a write up from WAtoday on High Tea in Perth. These are the few places that WAtoday has compiled that serves good High Tea.

Rochelle Adonis Cakes and Confections
193 Brisbane Street, Northbridge. 9227 0007
This amazing pastry chef provides a truly pretty high tea, served in a private room under a beautiful chandelier.

Peninsula Tea Gardens
Tranby Farm, Johnson Road Maylands. 9272 8894
A classy high tea served outdoors overlooking the Swan River. Parisian style menu featuring petit fours and cakes, beautiful china and plenty of sandwiches.

The George
216 St Georges Terrace, Perth. 6161 662
For those who want a more contemporary and funky touch to their high tea, try this city bar where the linen will be white, the three tiered stands will be gorgeous, and the fine china is coming out but you are not in the usual hotel type location. For the more funky and fabulous. Kicking off from June 12.

Café at the Hyatt Regency
99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth. 9225 1234.
Warm and cosy, afternoon tea here is a semi buffet style event, with table service complemented by a sweets buffet full of treats offering plenty of choice.

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broomie said...

hello! love your blog, you know this afternoon i sent an email to my friends with the link to this place, because i've never had high-tea in perth before, and this will be the place to go! will probably go next week, love the english/frenchy style. one more thing, thanks for linking my blog
xoxo mff

Jo Serwey said...

hey!!! I'm so happy when I see your comment! I have a smile on my face now although you cant see it! Yea, your blog is great! Yeap, can't go wrong with CAKES!!! :) you girls are going to have a fun and relaxing day there!