Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lunch @ Senoji, Vic Park

Christine, Judy and I were thinking of having lunch at Food for me because we love the salad there. But as we walked, we got distracted and three of us standing outside this Japanese restaurant call Senoji. I always wanted to try to see whether it's any good. So we went in and waiting to be impressed.

Christine had Oyakodon.

Judy had the Grilled pacific fish

with a bowl of salad.

and I had the Batayaki Beef that comes with miso soup and rice.

Overall, polite service, food were normal, it just taste something that I can cook at home. Not saying that I can cook those hahaha but just nothing really special about it. The reason why I say that is because it was quite pricey for that kind of food. It's just not worth it.
Mine cost $18.50. which from what I feel it should be just less than $12!

Oh well, now I know :P Don't think I will have my meal there again.. unless the chef do some changes to the dishes!

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Anonymous said...

Whoever whinged about the price and quality of the dishes at Senoji obviously Japanes. Your bad grammar is a give-away! Asian people will always make negative comments about food in Asian restaurants...unless it's 'dirt' cheap :(

Anonymous said...

OOOPS....Japanese don't want to be guilty of a typo!