Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lunch @ Rifo's, Albany Hwy Vic Park

I went to Rifo's in Vic Park for lunch last Wednesday to meet up my frens, Rachael, Claire and lil Josh.

I was the first one to arrive. Got inside and got served by a friendly staff. Sitting next to the window, looking out with a nice breeze coming in.. hmm. that time I thought to myself, it's gonna be a wonderful day.

I have always wanted to try Rifo's because people have been telling me it's quite a good place to eat. So I was excited to go there and have a try.

We had Charles Salad
Roasted pumpkin, pinenuts, spinach and shaved parmesan.
Pretty good, Nice fresh crisp on the salad. I thought it would be a lil creamy type of salad but it wasn't.

Tagliatelle Riccardo
Chicken pieces, avocado, mushroom and sundried tomato in creamy white wine sauce
Pretty good the pasta. I like it.

Prawns, mussels, squid and mozzarella on a tomato base
Pizza was quite nice. It doesn't give you a feeling of heavy after eating 3 pieces of it. But I think more taste would be better.

Here is the photo of me and the lil Josh.

It was quite funny that day. I was telling Rachael I was waiting for lil Josh to cry because I wannt try something on him. She was surprised after hearing it and she wants to know too!

Guess what I wanna tried on him? Watch the youtube then you will know.

and it works! hahahahha

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Alisa said...

What a lovely meal, lil Josh looks so cute.I have to try that technique when my niece starts crying