Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lunch @ Phong Vinh, Northbridge

I was meant to blog about this place 2 weeks ago, but I forgot about it. :P Too lazy
Phong Vinh open around beginning of last year if im not mistaken. I have tried it when it first open and I thought it was good! But I didn't go back there until 2 weeks ago.

It was crowded! Believe it or not! Last year was like a lil bit quiet, but when I went there again, it's like unbelievable. Looks like they are doing really well!

I had the Rice Vermicelli with Prawn and Sugar Cane

Joe had the Special Phong Vinh Rice Noodle Soup

Honestly, it was very tasty! I love it! They have changed the menu compare to last year if I'm not mistaken. Soup was tasty, the Prawn paste was very prawny.

The best is you cool down with these yummy Jellies and Beans Shaved Ice drink!
Satisfying. :)

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