Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lunch @ Fuji Japanese Restaurant, Vic Park

Today is another off day~ and I went out for lunch with Rach and Claire.
We decided to try Fuji because I have never tried it before.
This is how it looks like inside. Yeap, gotto take off your shoes and sit inside. Make sure your feet is not smelly if you wanna go there :P

I always thought Fuji's food is very good because I heard quite a lot of good review from people!
Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as I thought. The taste is just normal and probably the only nice one is the sushi.

This is the side dishes that comes with the meal. Pasta salad and miso soup.

Claire had the Grilled Eel with rice.
Quite nice, but I was hoping to see some greens in there.

I had the Assorted Sushi.
Fresh and the sushi rice is just nice. I like it.
the wasabi in one of the sushi nearly killed me. I still don't understand why people like wasabi!!! >_<" tear!

Rachael had the fried fish with rice.
The chef did a good job in frying..crispy and not oily, but I don't taste anything after I had a bite though. I wonder why..

We had the Agedashi Tofu to share.
Not really fond about this dish.. I have tried much tastier ones than this.

Also, heard from Claire that the tempura and udon is not very good either. Sad.
Did Fuji change ownership/chef or something? hmm.....

After lunch, three of us + the baby went to South Perth to have our lil tea time. I know, it was straight after lunch.. but can't say no to food! right!?

We went to the famous lil place call La Galette de France on Mill St.
Best pastry in Perth man.. you have to try it.

I had the Strawberry tart, Claire had the butter raisin roll or something like that and Rach had the Almond Croissant. The Croissant is like melt in your mouth! It was sooooo delicious!
I am going to say it like the judges in Masterchef, "It's ABSOLUTELY Fantastic!"
The tart? ABSOLUTELY FRESH! heheheh

We really had a great fun lazy Wednesday with beautiful weather, beautiful friends, delicious food and relaxing talk. I love it. Stress free. Can I have my Wednesdays everyday?

Oh, I had to take a photo of this girl when I was having my yummy tart..

...just because she is sooo HOT!

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Anonymous said...

Hey.. JOJO *__*

You've done well on your Blogg.

I can see and store my routine life with you through your Blogg.

I have to say "Thank you" again.

Some photoes are so funny what Rach and I did. haha.

Good job! Jo JO!.

From Claire JJJ~~~

fiery said...

holy shit she IS hot.

and yes
food there is overpriced for average food :@ and wahlau la galette is from subi wan u remember or not?? the french pastry guy quite good looking wan i used to tell u. now so many branches!! geng!



Jo Serwey said...

i know right!!!! ahahahah
of cuz i rmb!! and i tell u. the guy in south perth la galette is HOT too! hahahahaha
next wed?? dun think i can leh!!! wat bout next next? ahhahaha

CKopti said...

is he?? i'll be going there next time..haha!

LOVING your blogs, keep reading them over and over :P

CKopti said...

p.s. I will have to try that almond croissant next time..yummm!

Josh said...

Found the sushi chef of FUJI STATION.

He just opened a new restaurant
BUEN -151A Japanese Restaurant
26B Chapman Rd
Phone 9458 1512
Open Wed-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30-9pm