Monday, May 31, 2010

Home Parties

I find it interesting when one day my friend ask me to go to a Tupperware Party beginning of last year. You know, there's no such thing as Tupperware party in my hometown. So I have no idea what is it like! In that minute, I thought to myself, what do you actually do there in a Tupperware party? Do we bring our Tupperwares and throw at each other or show who got the most expensive ones?

To answer my curiousity, I said yes to my friend and we went together. The party was held at her friend's house, she was the host of the party. I went in and I saw lots of Tupperware displayed in the living room. Then I saw lots of finger food at the other table~ I tell you, I am excited to see the beautiful food that the host prepared than the Tupperwares. :P

Well, before we can eat anything, we were invited to sit and a lady (who is selling the Tupperware) make us comfortably seated with champers in our hands, then she will tell you all about the Tupperware. It was quite an interesting party to me because it was my first time.

Other than Tupperware party, I recently went to a Make Up Party where they teach you how to put make up on, and some skin care products. It was the Motives by Loren Ridinger.

I don't do much make up myself, or maybe not. But I like to see and learn all sorts of products they got and how to use them. A year ago, I don't even know what's the difference between a concealer and a foundation. I just thought they were the same! I bought a huge bottle of body lotion after the party and it's really good! My skin was dry because of winter season and I have tried different kind of body lotion, it's just doesn't work on my skin. But this one is really good, I can feel my skin is moistured .

The Make up Party was actually hosted by one of my workmates and look at what she prepared for us! It's so beautiful and so delicious! She got champers for us too! Yea, as usual, I ate quite a lot of them. :P

Then, 2 days ago, my friend asked me to go to this Jewelery Party/dinner at her friend's place. It was a bit last minute but I thought since I have never been to one before, I should go there to see what is it like.

Jeweleries was presented nicely on the table (yea, it wasn't in the photo cuz I mess it up abit while browsing). Jeweleries are from Emma Page, Amway. I saw some nice designs pieces and I was so tempted to get it. Fortunately, I manage to stop myself from buying more accessories because I don't really wear them. I'm not good with accessories but I wear earrings :)

It was a small party, we spent the whole night enjoying our dinner and talking all sorts of random topics.

I'm glad that I went to all these parties, because I have learnt a lot from them and buy a lot of things hehe Go and have a party like this on the weekend! It will be fun if you have all your girlies together, chit chat, eat and buy stuff together.

Parties are fun!

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