Thursday, May 27, 2010

Do I really hate kids?

I was talking to my house mate about her plans on a course that she will be taking soon, Childcare. She loves children. Me the opposite, hates them.

I can remember really clearly when I was young, I scolded my cousin for a good 2 minutes because he dump papers into the toilet bowl. He, of course went to his mom and complained about me and his mom practically angry at me after that. Oh well, I don't really care anyway, better still, don't come and bother me haha!

Then another time, I was young, baby sitting my cousin. He is a cutey, I play with him a lot for that few days so he clings to me a lot. But once he got nightmare, bored or I walked away, he will start crying! I was so annoyed by the crying noise, I took a biscuit and put it in his mouth. He is a very good boy, he stopped crying and eats. Ah~ very good solution! But when his mom comes back from her trip, she was shock seeing him going fat! Ops!

Then my dear cousin Eileen. Oh she is my favourite. Again, very young. hehe... I used to always go to her house to overnight and play with her brother Evan. We were buddies back then haha three of us will play toys in bubble bath, lego, watch cartoons, kids talk and all sorts of things. That time Eileen was just 3 or 4 probably, she hates strangers, anybody that touch or carry her, she will just burst out and cry! Oh, horrible. One day, I decided to make her stop from crying. I told her that if she is going to continue to cry, I will ask a very fierce aunty, lock you up in a tiny lil dark round room with full of scary things inside and you won't come out until you are quiet and good. You know what? She cries even louder. Oh gowd.

Then it reminds me of something very similar that happens to me.. My brother!
My brother and I were like brothers when we were young. We played Police and Prisoner, Chef and Customer, Floor Ping Pong and argue everyday. My brother is a very smart guy, he leads, I listen. He told me a couple of times ( I don't remember why) that the top cupboard in the room is a very special place. A place full of Sesame Street characters! Elmo! Big Bird! Cookie Monster! He told me nobody knows that place except him.. I was so naive that time, I believe him and I really wanted to go in there and play with them! Then after that, he started telling me another place in the storeroom .... then another dark place.. I can't even remember what he told me already! He had a good time fooling me around that time >:)

I think I'm like that it's because of him. ahahahahah Right ko?


Fiery said...


u love me.

ching∞ said...

yes cry baby. she loves u.

wey, who's the first cousin you were referring to?

Jo Serwey said...

want me to die ah say here ahhhaha