Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dinner @ Must Wine Bar, Highgate

Must Wine Bar is a Bistro and Bar that you Must go to.
It's cosy, beautifully decorated and comfortable.

Although I can say I like that place, but the service is really putting me off. Not sure what the waiters were thinking but I can be sure that this is the worst fine dining service that I have ever been. It's nothing too serious, it's just those lil things that adds up that makes my dining experience unpleasant.

First was the seating. Frances booked for 3, but somehow they thought it's for 4.

Secondly, no explaination for the food or whatsoever. Put down the menu and off he goes.

Third, Joe requested for a half bottle of Shiraz. The person who in charge, came to us with the big bottle, didn't say anything. Joe politely said he had ordered the half bottle one, then the waiter just turn around and go. Didn't say anything. wtf.

Four, he came back and pour the wine. He asked Frances if she wants some wine. She said with a smile and hand sign " Oh no, thank you". The waiter, continues to pour wine into her glass. I looked at Frances, saying nothing.

Fifth, no courtesy of asking us how is everything. The only time that he came to talk to us, is when he came and collect the bill. Sorry mate, no tips for you.

Ok, finally I can talk about the FOOD!
Although I was abit annoyed, but when the food come, I felt happy again.

Starters, Bread and butter.

This is the half bottle of Turkey Flat Shiraz. Look! It's so tiny! smaller than the wine glass! It's my first time seeing such small bottle of red. The reason why we had a half bottle is because the only person who drinks wine is Joe. I can't even finish a glass. haha

Chicken Liver Parfait, Grenache Jelly, Melba Toast

Twice Baked Exmouth Tiger Prawn Souffle, Chive Butter

Grilled Fremantle scallops on the 1/2 shell, caramelized pork belly, sweet corn puree, lime dressing.

Three of the entrees, All of them, YUM. Although I only had a spoon of Souffle and Liver. hehe Mine was fantastic. I like the sweet corn puree, scallops and pork all together in your mouth. mmmm....

For mains

Grilled Goldband Snapper Fillet with Chorizo & Saffron Risotto, Lemon Oil

Angel Hair Pasta tossed with blue manna crab, tomato, chilli, basil cream & 34" South Organic Olive oil.

Duck leg conft, porcini mushroom risotto, caramelised fig salad with madeira Jus.
It was my first time having Fig. I thought it will have a weird taste but it's actually quite refreshing! I quite like it!

My duck confit and risotto is absolutely fantastic. I always think that I can never finish risotto in the restaurant portion plainly because most of the restaurant make it really cheesy and creamy.
I will feel very sick if I have those cheesy ones and cant have any dessert after that.
But this risotto is good! I cleaned up the plate like I licked it! No any leftovers or grains of rice on the plate! This dish is soooo good for winter.. warm and yummy.

Overall excellent food, but not-so-good service.

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