Friday, May 21, 2010

Dinner @ Makan2, Vic Park

Few days ago I went to Makan2 to meet up with a friend that I know from the Japanese Class that I used to go to. We have been meaning to meet up since I came back to Perth from my holidays in January. Because my friend was so busy with work, we only get to meet up 4 months later.

I have been to Makan2 quite a number of times but I didn't get the chance to blog about it. Well, I had the usual teh tarik and Murtabak. I never quite fancy the food there because it wasn't really impress me. But the murtabak that I had that day was very nice! Soft, fresh and hot! The only thing is the murtabak size shrank. (that's what my friend said)

Anyway, we were casually talking about jobs, ex classmates, sensei and her wedding preparation. Then my eyes suddenly focus onto her engagement ring which I saw it before on facebook. It was a lovely heart shape ring. It's so cute and shiny! I have never really seen much wedding rings designs before, (not even a normal ring) but I just realised that engagement ring can be really fancy! I always thought it will be one big stone bang right in the middle of the ring, or occasionally with a few more stones? Maybe I shall say Diamonds instead of stones. hahahah.. you see.. i can't even differenciate all these. stupid me. (Joe, don't cheat me with glass/plastic rings ok)

I was so curious how much this ring actually cost because of the design and it is actually 2 rings!!

So cool isn't it?? 2 in 1! such a meaningful and fantastic ring! So yea.. I ask her the price and she said $15k. I was like what the @#$% gowd! $15k for a ring?? That is one hell expensive ring! Guess what? She told me hers considered a cheap ring because her friend, who just got engaged, got a $30k ring!!! I fainted man! nah joking. Seriously, a ring that cost $30k! I can buy another Mazda! Then she told me about the wedding preparations, she's working her ass off just to save up $60k for her next year wedding. Omg. Seriously? A $60k wedding?

A friend of mine ask me before while we were at Tiffany's. She asked me, "Will you marry Joe if the ring that he propose to you is not what you like?"
You know what? This question should be BAN! When you marry a person, it should be because love and you want to spend your life with him/her! Not because of one farking ring!

People do confuse and fascinates me sometimes. Getting to know more people, listening to them and know about their life, the questions keep popping up in my head. Why do people who are earning more than others saying that they don't have money? Why do I see different pieces of branded goods on them every time when they said they are going to have instant noodles to save money? Why do people who earns big bucks buy the most ridiculously expensive things and say they got not enough money?

Then it kept me thinking, money does makes people change. They either make them humble or a show off. I have to admit, when I first got my first 4k tax refund, I was instantly feeling rich! I went to Burberry shop bought myself a nice trenchcoat, bought a mini camera and treat myself on some other stuffs. Then I went addicted. A shopaholic. Until one day, I realised I can't pay off my credit card on time, interest rate going up and it makes me really upset. I was stressed and blame myself. Luckily enough, I finally woke up one day with a clear mind after a serious thought to myself. I don't need those things, it's materialistic. I will still use the things that I bought, but I will stop myself from being greedy and be good.

I do think the word Status screwed up people's mind. Don't you think so?
Some people buy branded goods to show people how "high class" and how successful you are. But do we really care?

Joe has a friend, who is a top score student, high income earner and handling million dollar projects. He never brags about money, he wears surfer pants and slippers to uni, never sees him in branded goods. He is down to earth and a humble guy. He still get respects from people.
Doesn't really make sense?

Some people say it's because of the quality.

I can understand if you have one item for the quality, but when you got lots of them, that is not because of quality anymore. You don't need 10 quality bags in your wardrobe. Trust me.

I don't know it's because I'm poor, sick of people bragging about how much they earn, I'm jealous, or I'm becoming a good girl. Maybe I'm just having a Gautama Buddha moment. haha


jasonho said...

namaste. peace out. :)

Jo Serwey said...

wtf namaste haahahha damn funny man u