Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dinner @ La Lola, Nedlands

Thats right people! It's La Lola~!
I saw it in the paper few weeks ago and I was dying to try this place out.
I got there about 5pm on a pouring day, but I couldn't go in til 5.30pm, the opening time.
So Joe and I waited for 30 minutes in various shops around :P wine shop.. grocery shop..

At 5.40pm, we walked back to La Lola and was shock to see there were already 4 tables filled. Wow, they are early.
Anyway, the cute Italian waiter ask if we can go to the Lounge area, so we said yes. Then he brought us to the side of the shop.... walk through this very nice looking wooden flooring at the side and then come to another room.

I was surprise there's another room though. At the front of the shop look small but there's more tables behind and it's BEAUTIFUL.

Only table for 2 in that room and it can be really crowded when it's full.
The side of the table is equipped with utencils, S&P and Extra Virgin Olive Oil :) Neat.

Joe had a glass of Red, and I the good girl had the Lemon Lime Bitters.

We had the Lamb Cutlet to share.
The Lamb was absolutely gorgeous. It's so yum I want more.
Meat was tender and juicy!

Fries of course! I love Fries! I can't live without Fries. hahahaha

It's Italian restaurant, so definitely the Pizza.
Umbria – Fior di latte (Fresh cow’s milk mozzarella), porcini mushrooms, white truffle oil

The pizza is so good. It's thin, light, beautiful truffle oil smell and so yum. I can finish the whole pizza by myself! Honestly, I never have such a thin base crust before but I wanna say this is the best crust I ever had!

Dessert. Tiramisu.
Not to my liking. It's very light, unfortunately there's no texture.

I might sound a bit hard sell hahahah but it's all honest man! Although it is pricey for food like this but you gotto try it at least once. You don't believe me? See the queue outside the shop at 6.40pm!!!

Get there at 5.30pm and you will get your seat. easy. hahaha
Yeap, No bookings.

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Hey. Jo JO

I am so happy to visit your blog.

Hopely I would like to join your next food tour.

Yummi food, happy life!