Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dinner @ Kitsch, Leederville. San Churros

My dinner today is at Kitsch bar. A newly opened Asian street food - tapas bar.
Beautifully decorated. I was really impressed with the interior! It definitely look welcoming and you will just wanna go in and look at the place in detail.

Joe and I got there about 5pm sharp. The waitress told us that the kitchen won't open til 6pm and asked if we wanna have a drink while wait. Well yea, I definitely staying so that I can take more photos of the place when nobody is around :)

After observing the bar, I felt something is not right. There are some chinese tradition things that is suppose to be praying to the dead or for the god, were in some parts of the place! They were on the walls, beside the wooden boat and even in the food itself!

Is this suppose to be right? Serving with this in the prawn crackers to soak up the oil?
Can anybody tell me is this just for decoration or is it real joss paper??

How is this related to the theme of the shop? The food that they serve is not even chinese, it's Thai. I hope they know what they are doing.

After questioning myself for like 10 minutes, I started camwhoring. haha
I snap snap snap with different expression and hoping Joe will do the same with me and guess what? The same pose in all the photos. -_-"

Our drinks, Chang beer.

and start with Prawn Crackers with yellow rock chilli salt (somehow taste sweet n not salty). $3.20
It's one expensive pot of crackers! No choice, need something to nibble til 6pm.

Anyway, Frances join us for dinner after her work.
We ordered quite a few dishes. I tell you, the food was so awesome! All perfectly cooked! NO COMPLAIN! You should really try this place. I love it!

Duck Nam Prik Ong with Iceberg, tomato & pork scratchings.
awesome awesome taste. Sweet Sour and just a lil hint of spicy.

Spiced Corn Fritters with chilli plum caramel

Deep Fried salt & pepper tofu with hoisin peanut dipping sauce

Braised angus beef with black venegar & hot & sour salad.

Sesame prawn toast with lemon and ponzu sauce.

Everything is really tasty and I love it. The only thing that you need to worry about is, don't go with a hungry stomach because as you can see the portion is not very big. I would really recommend this place. If you want it to be comfortable, please go there early to get a good spot. :)

I tell you, this place, even the toilet is awesome. Go there and you will know haha.

Oh no.. I forgot to try the dessert there!!! I guess I have to go back there again some day to try :P

After dinner, we took a short walk to San Churros to have our dessert.

Chocolate Macaroons. <--- yum!
Churrossssssss with dark and milk choc

The Rich Gooey Chocolate cake. Oh this is HEAVEN.

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jasonho said...

i like!

broomie said...

this is another place i wanna try...but please la, no such thing as decoration joss paper. that is damn scary, i dont think the gods/dead spirits will be very happy to have their offerings used as oil blotter for prawn cracker. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH but full marks for their creativity (in a weird way). OMG i didn't know perth has macarons, went to melb and was complaining why perth doesnt have, always find something new on your blog! thank u. i will continue stalking it. lol

Jo Serwey said...

yo broomie! er.. should I call u broomie? hehehe.. yea! joss paper grosses me out abit. Maybe "something" is living there hahaha.. trying food and alcohol! :P
Macaroons is so famous now! Go to Perth Upmarket this weekend! you might get some there too :) I think you will like that place.