Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dinner @ Conca's, Shepperton Road Vic Park

I finally try the famous chilli mussels from Conca's!!
I drive pass this shop at least twice a week and always wonder how good the chilli mussels is!
The reason why I didn't go there is because of the dodgy looking shop in the middle of the road.

Joe and I went in there, looking left and right, examine the place thoroughly haha. There's quite a few families dining there. Mostly asian though.. I wonder.. There's outdoor and indoor tables.
They have got plenty of food to choose from. Burgers, pizza, steak, pasta, salad and more.

What else will I go for? Chilli mussels of course! and we have it HOT. there's like mild, hot and very hot I think. Lucky I have it hot, cuz it's quite spicy .. haha but it's a good kind of spicy! Just nice for winter! :P

Chilli mussels comes with Garlic Bread and a bottle of wine.

Garlic Bread is quite nice! Dip in the sauce.. oooooo.. yum.....

We had the Portofino pizza too. Not to my liking though. base was too soft.

Joe had a cop the lot burger too. He said it was quite nice. I didn't try it though. So can't say much for it.

But yea.. the chilli mussels.. awesomely yummy hot! I can eat the whole lot for myself i reckon ahhahaha

27 Miller St
Victoria Park WA 6101
(08) 9470 2255

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