Friday, May 14, 2010

Dinner @ Chez Pierre, Nedlands

Chez Pierre is a restaurant that I always wanted to try since they were open.
Finally, I went there today with Joe and Frances to celebrate early birthday for Frances.

and this is the happy birthday girl. Look at her happy smile! hehe ^_^

When I stepped into the restaurant, instantly in love with the decor. The black strings hanging, the couches, the flowers, lightings and a very very friendly and most warmth service.

The seating was spacious and very comfortable. Every table have their own space, not like other restaurants that seat so close to each other, which i hate.

We were served 3 dishes as starters.

The Pate

The bread

and the Asparagus & Pumpkin soup.

Starters were all well done. 3 of us were like the judges in Masterchef except we just keep eating and say "oh very nice!"

As usual, we have a bottle of wine on the table. This time was actually Frances requested it.

For entrees, Joe had the Creamy Mushroom Soup.

You must be wondering why it's red. It is just actually a froth of something. I don't know what it is because I didn't ask. Probably Rhubard or beetroot?
The mushroom soup is like the best I have ever tasted. It's mushroomy, it's creamy but it's not heavy! How did they do it?? Oh I miss the soup.

I had the Cajun marinated & seared Prawns with spiced cous cous, fresh avocado & marie rose sauce. I ordered this on purpose because I am going to have the huge main and dessert after. I have to plan my meal properly so that I don't go home with a big belly and can't sit cant stand cant sleep. Usually I will have something really rich and meaty, but this time I had something light and refreshing. This dish really surprised me. It looks creamy and heavy but after tasting it, what you can taste is fruits, spice and FRESH! Very clean and crisp taste. I was impressed.

Frances had the Twice baked goat cheese, accompanied by a salad of frisee, cherry tomatoes & walnuts dressed with balsamic vinaigrette
I didn't try this because I'm not a fan of goats cheese. But Frances did said it's nice!

How can we miss out the French fries in the French restaurant ey?

The mainsssss... be ready..

Chargrilled 450gm aged rib of beef, slow cooked served with lyonnaise style potatoes & red wine sauce. Be very careful when you order this. IT IS FREAKING HUGE!
When the beef served on the table, we were all just staring at how big it was! Even a old couple sitting next table wishes Joe good luck on finishing up that piece of beef!
He did it anyway. But he had to unbutton after that hahahah.

Half duck slowly roasted served at your table, accompanied with caramalised root vegetable and classic grand marnier & Cognac orange sauce.
Frances know I love duck so she gave a bite to taste. Tender and sweet. Very nice.

Macadamia & herb crusted Rump of Lamb, oven roasted served with mediterranean ratatouille, caramalised beetroots & balsamic jus.
Perfectly cooked. Well balanced. But I would love to have more of the asparagus though :P

As for dessert, we have the Dessert to share which have a lil bit of everything.

The Strawberries Millefueilles, creme brulee, lemon mousse & macaroon biscuit, Choc tart, choc pannacotta & the passion fruit sorbet on pavlova.
I particularly love the Creme Brulee and the sorbet. Very very nice.

While we were having our dessert, suddenly I saw the waiter pushing out a trolley and starting preparing sauce and stuff for the other table. It's like a crepe dessert with orange juice and grand marnier If im not mistaken. I was fascinated and waiting for something really nice for me to take a photo since he had to come out and cook on the spot, I'm sure there's something special to see rite?

Then suddenly this guy started flaming the sauce that he cooked and poured it over the crepe.
Look! there's fire on the crepes!! My photo is abit crap but you still can see the blue flame!

Hey I want that FIRE CREPE!!!!! Why I didn't see it in the menu!?!? unfairrrrr.

If you like good french food, I think you should try Chez Pierre. Although it's not really a very classic French cuisine, but it's definitely worth a try. You will love it.

We are definitely a fan of Chez Pierre now :)

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CokOz said...

ooh that waiter you took in pic is my friend, I'll let him now, maybe you can get complimentary crepe next time haha!

Jo Serwey said...

Hey Coco!!! hahahaha which one? isit that one who is cooking wearing glasses? omg! I want that CREPE! it's so awesome! hahahaha do u go there often?

Franky said...

thanks for the dinner guys... thoroughly enjoyed it!!! :)

Jo Serwey said...

as long as you enjoyed it! it's ur birthday!

CokOz said...

haha yeah, the one with the glasses, I showed him already, now he's a blogstar, and told him to show his boss!

CokOz said...

oh and I havent been there yet! let me know next time you going! but you have to try the escargot! haha

Jo Serwey said...

haahahah you are so funny!
which one is his boss? you know the guy with the tie on the next photo, he saw me taking photos, he suddenly look so stern and said photos are not allowed! I was like shocked! but at the end, he is just joking. Goshh! wonder why ppl like to fool me hahaha
escargot.. I wanted to have it! unfortunately nobody wants to try it. hahaha.. maybe we shall go there and try everything ay coco :P

CokOz said...

lol i dont know whos the boss, probably the one with the tie?
yeah email me when you wanna go next time, and i take a picture of you and mr tie! and the snails! and the crepe!

Daniel said...
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