Sunday, May 16, 2010

Breakfast @ Toast, East Perth

I think this should be my first time ever Breakfast post and yea of course... special occasion :)
We chose to go to Toast for breakfast at East Perth it's because it was voted as the best breakfast place in Perth on the West Australian paper.

We were all excited to try out this place. It was packed when we got there. We had to wait for probably 5-10mins for seats which is not that bad as this place became so popular.
Toast is just situated right in front of the wonderful river view. Nice weather, puppies, birds and people just chilling out. We love that place a lot.

We had some hot drinks because of the wintery weather.
Hot choco, Cappucino and english breakfast. Well, Joe had ice coffee. Before I can take a photo of it, he had already mix it up. -_-

Our breakkies..

Potato, mint and feta pancakes with smoked salmon, poached eggs, sour cream and chives.

Full breakfast with toast, scrambled eggs, chipolatas, grilled tomatos, mushrooms and bacon.

Same as above but with vegetarian stuffed field mushroom.

French toast with ricotta, blueberries and maple syrup.

Everything tasted great. The toast is fantastic.
I think because it was voted as the best breakfast place, we were expecting super delicious and super nice looking food. True for the nice looking part, but the delicious part can be better. Joe was a bit dissapointed with the scrambled eggs and mushrooms because it wasn't seasoned at all and there's 1 slice of bacon didn't cook well enough too. The berries on the french toast was a bit too watery. But for such a busy day like this, they have done really well! That time I was thinking how good it is to go there before they got into the papers. haha. Even while I was taking photos of the food, the waitress told us that there's a lot of customers taking photos of the food today! Must be the Perth Food Bloggers hahaha. All went there to take photos and writing reviews of it. I think if all the Perth Food Bloggers knows each other, we can actually make it like a gathering for photo taking session and critic the food as we eat! ahahah that will be fun! Stresses the people who cooks for us :P

After dinner, we took a slow walk along the river. It was beautiful. I took lots and lots of photos too! Such a nice place.
Got back home after that to have the cake! Yeap, the special occasion is Frances 28th!

We got her the Chocolate Ganache Tart from La Galette de France. Yummy yum~
We also got her a lil present that she wanted for so long, which is the 50mm lens for ther dslr. She was so happy trying it out. The lens take beautiful photos! We were all playing the the camera after that because the lens is so fantastic! I am definitely gettin the 50mm lens when I'm getting the dslr hahahaha!!! Damn good ok. no joke.

She is the happiest girl today :)

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