Sunday, May 16, 2010

Breakfast @ Secret Garden Cafe, South Perth

Found this lil wonderful breakfast place in South Perth.
It is located at Angelo St, South Perth. It's quite easy to find as you will see lots of plants everywhere the cafe, plus there's a florist next to it too.

When I got in, it gives me a feeling that the shop is really small, but there's lots of people ordering food! I was thinking to myself, will I get a table after I order? I looked a round, didn't have much tables out here! But couldn't be bothered too much, order first, think about it later haha.

After ordering, got a number and I walked in to get a table. The whole cafe decorated with beautiful plants~ flowers~ wow.. very very nice!

I walk further in, and saw heaps of tables! The garden behind was so big, I can't even decide where to sit.

The whole place look like a backyard of the house except with lots of tables and chairs and huge umbrellas. There's a lil bridge in the middle of the yard too! Secret garden cafe is really suitable to have a birthday breakfast or lunches for the girls or even families. Relaxing and comfortable.

I had the Chicken Focaccia while Joe had the Secret Garden Burger.

The portion of the meal was pretty huge and filling. The chips and salad were good!
Joe was a bit sad because his burger is burnt. :P He can taste the bitterness when biting it.
Poor Joe. But we love that place though. Maybe I shall have my girlie lunch there one day~ :)

The Secret Garden
64 Angelo St
South Perth 6151
9367 5597

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