Friday, May 28, 2010

Dinner @ Tenkadori, Subiaco

I went to Tenkadori with a couple of friends to try out this place because it's newly open not long ago. Outside looking simple and clean.

Since it's a try out, we decided to have the Chef's Special $40. Gotto try everything in 1 go. Don't waste time haha! But one of my friend took the Dinner Set $35 because she got a fragile stomach.

Start with Ocha for me and beer for Joe.

Then the Chef's Specials.
There's Fried Lotus Root, flavoured bamboo shoot, teriyaki chicken, raw fish, edamame and ume wine. I like the entree because it has everything and portion is just nice. Must try the ume wine, very refreshing and sweet. Fried lotus root is nice too.

Then comes the Spiced Chicken Wing


And Chicken Tofu Salad.

Everything was going well until I bite into the yakitori.
Then I felt the texture of the chicken meat is not right. Why is it so soft? Why I can't chew it?
I look at it properly and I saw pinkish meat. It's raw. I'm the only unlucky one that got the raw chicken, I should get lotto tomorrow!

I politely told the waiter about it and he came back with this!

A F-ing BIG PLATE of Fried Chicken to apologies for the raw meat that they serve to me.
Awwwwwww.. they are so nice! Free food! Normally I will feel very happy and will eat everything, but when this one came, I just think to myself, Oh no.. I'm full! But there's more to come!

Prawn Skewer with Okra.
Not impress with the frozen taste of the prawn.

Then the Main,
Inari, Squid Rings and Tempura Chicken.

This dessert, Green Tea Cake was on the house for us.

This is the $35 Dinner Set. Nearly the same but smaller portion.

Overall, Tenkadori is quite a nice place to dine in if you love Chicken. It's like the Chicken feast. For just $40, you can eat til you cant breath! Food was decent, not too bad, but not fantastic. Service was polite and attentive. If you ask me if I will go back there again, I maybe will, but will order something else that is not chicken :P

Definitely chicken overdose today. Pretty sure chicken will haunt me in my dream tonite

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