Saturday, April 17, 2010

Red Bull Air Race & the rest of the day~

Today is Red Bull Air Race day! It was my first time to go to the air race.
There were a few road closure because of the air race. So we parked at burswood, then took around 3km walk to South Perth.

It was a beautiful day! Look at the clouds!!! Don't you think they look like birds flying?
I couldn't help it, I took out my camera and capture the beautiful sky.

We picked a spot right next to the river and sat down. Birds flying, ducks swimming and lots of people around. See the seagull got a potato chip in it's mouth?

I'm not too sure how the air race works, but I think they need to go pass those cone thingy without touching them to get qualified to the next round. It's really hard. The way they fly is crazy.

So like this one below is fail. The racer flew through and accidentally cut the cone thingy.
So the people on duty, will be on the boat, speed up and fix up the cone. They were fast, they only probably takes like 1 minute!

After the first show, we decided to head off because my butt pain pain sitting on the ground hahaha.. kidding. Anyway, we went to Northbridge to have lunch. Then we passed by this 4WD. It's the cutest! hahahah

Then yea.. I camwhore a bit..

Then.. to The Moon~

The Moon cafe I mean hehehe

We had coke spider~ ohhh so yummm... So cooling~~~

Then a huge fries!

and a huge pizza~! We couldn't finish the fries though..

Oh! Did I tell you I have decided (I manage to convince Joe too hehehe) to have vegetarian food for twice a month! I know it's only 2 days but I think it's better than nothing!
Don't get me wrong, I still LOVEEEE my meat. I can't live without them! (Trust me, I have tried it, nearly fainted man)

I know some of you will say, why would you bother to be a fake vegetarian? Why do you say you wanna be vegetarian and you buy mock meats like chicken and fish? Why don't you just eat veges only! To tell the truth, I have tried to eat greens only, and my body couldn't handle it. I need protein. So I need meat. But after I went to Taiwan for meditation and had 9 days of vegetarian there, I felt different! I felt light. It feels very good. I had my greens, and I had those mock meats made by soya bean! I don't feel dizzy. It tasted good. It feels like meat and I can have these everyday!

So, to save some animals and probably trying to be healthier, I'm slowly trying out to cook vegetarian food at home. Maybe you guys should try it too! Trust me, it's good.

I got these from Sri Melaka on James St, Northbridge. They got so much selections, I don't even know where to start! hahaha.. Anyway, I got Chicken chunks, bean curd prawns, Pork belly and fish slices! Hm.. I wonder what flavor should I make.. :)

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