Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Masterchef Australia - HOOKED!!!


You know what I do everytime after dinner?

It is the best show EVER!
This is the only show that made me cheered, feared and screamed in front of the TV!

I think I should tell you what's is it all about yelling a guy's name Alvin.
I'm not cheating on Joe k! :P
He is Malaysian and I'm soooooooo gonna support him! I can see Poh in him hehehe
Poh was from the First Season Masterchef. She is awesome.
She got her own TV show now. It's call the Poh's Kitchen.

Well, of course I support other contestant too like Marion, Adam, Claire, Callum and Jimmy!
All very good cook. I am soooo inspired by them.

I'm so inspired. I seriously need to think of what I should cook tomorrow!
Malaysian style Fish Congee, Korean noodle or Japanese!??!?!

Very difficult decision nehhh... o_O

If you wanna watch Masterchef or you have miss it, you can watch it from here! Ads free hehe.
I can't wait for the next episode!!!! I soooo wanna watch it now!!! Somebody please STOP ME!!!

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