Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lunch @ Spencer Village

Joe & I went to Spencer Village Food Court to have our favourite Malaysian/ Singaporean chinese food. We seldom get the chance to go there because it was quite far from Joe's house.
When we got there, we were so excited to see tons of food choices. We couldn't make up our mind what to have! It's a torture you know! In Malaysia, we could have all these anytime we want. But here is like only certain day and when we are free to go there! Sad but true.

We got Cendol drink & Special Cincau drink.
Cincau drink tasted weird though.

Fried Raddish cake


Roti Tosai

Oyster Omelette

All up not even 30bucks! We were so full after that man.
Especially the Oyster Omelette, it's a huge plate. Never had so much oyster omelette before.
Joe and I felt like we were back home. So familliar & homey.
Food makes us happy. :)

Opening Times:
200 Spencer Road Thornlie


foodie cravings said...

I haven't been to Spencers for so long - miss the yummy raddish cakes, just sucha a drive to get there from NOR. Your blog reminded me - it's on my 'to eat list'.

Anonymous said...

You try Collins Rd in Willetton...they have Taurus Hawker foods which used to be at Spencer Village plus a number of other Malaysian / Singaporean restaurants.