Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lovely Sunday

I had quite a lovely day today. Woke up early, did my laundry, went online for a bit, walking around the house, hang the clothes and went to Spencer Village for brunch.

I had Chee Cheong Fun. It's my favourite to have in the breakfast in Malaysia. My mom used to buy this for me in the morning when she go to market. Spencer Village's Chee Cheong Fun taste as nice as the one that I like in KL. It's yum.. too bad, I have to pay extra if i want those fish paste stuff add in.

After brunch, we stop by IGA supermarket and Chinese grocery store nearby to get some stuff for home. I bought durian again hehehe..

Head home after that to have a rest before I head to Rach's house to have family photo taken.
I must admit I got a bit lazy after I got home, felt like telling Rachael that I couldn't make it. But I told myself NO! What I have promised, I have to do it! and I like taking photos anyway :P
So, I borrowed Frances SLR... again.. Thanks Frances~! Head to Rach's house at around 2pm.
Sat down for a bit had a lil chat with them and told them what I want to achieve in the photos. They were happy to do whatever I asked them to do and they were GOOD in posing!!! So natural! I love it.

So, what do you think? I'm trying to capture the pure, love and happy feel. Did I achieve it?
Oh and a bit like you know.. Korean drama style. The dreamy love story kind. heheheh
I'm gonna send the photos to them soon. I hope they like it though.

Oh, I gotto tell you my dinner! Joe roasted a leg of lamb. it's HUGE and it was yummy!!! :)
Although Joe was disappointed with the outcome, because the sauce in the pan didn't turn out well. But the lamb, cumin sweet potatoes, herb carrots & potatoes and the red wine gravy that he made after that was great!

Pardon for my horrible photo, it was taken in a hurry cuz I was hungry.
The lamb was so huge, we had to pack it for our lunch for tomorrow. 3 boxes hahahaha
Yay! I don't have to worry about lunch tomorrow!~ XD

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