Thursday, April 29, 2010

How I get my acne cured?

Some of the photos in this post might frighten some of you. Please prepare a pillow to cover your eyes. Just in case.

I have many friends told me that my skin is looking very good nowadays. I was very happy to hear that because I can finally get rid of my dull and pimple-y skin!
When I was young, my pimple will just happily conquer my whole face with redness and volcanos shooting out nearly everyday. It's HORRIBLE! It gaves me ZERO confident ZERO hope. How nice.

Until I was in high school, my mom couldn't take it anymore, she brought me to skin doctor. Doctor gave me some tablet. I took it and my whole body top to toe starts to dries out! It was distress. hate it.

Then to do facial every weekend. Every weekend u know! The lady that did facial for me, I think she's fed up with my face. I still remember the pain when she poke and squeezeeeee my pimple like no tomorrow. My eyes tearing and everytime she squeeze, I just felt like punching her face. It's that painful.

Then my friend introduce me to a skin doctor in Sunway (Malaysia). The doctor gave me 30 days tablet and 2 creams. It works actually. Unfortunately, I couldn't get supply from him easily after that because I have came to Australia to study. I have to get my sister to get me the cream everytime. It is just too troublesome. So, I stopped.

Then I found Proactiv. Everybody knows Proactiv right.. with Jessica Simpson and every other freaking celebrity on the commercial. I was watching TV at night at home in Perth and Proactiv commercial came up. Proactiv have convinced me to call them and try their products. Honestly, it was good. My volcanos have gone from a live one to a sleeping one. It feels good! I have actually used Proactiv for 3-4 years. Then I finally realised my skin goes no where. Didn't cure my big pores or my scars. My skin was dry still until my friend Kristy told me about the skin doctor in Balcatta.

One day, we went out for dinner with a group of friends. Kristy sat next to me, we talk for a bit and I saw this glowing skin from her! I was curious, I said to her "GOSH, your skin looks really great!" Her face just lit up and told me her lil secret. Ever since then.. my skin now is glowing like hers. Well, not as good as her but people been complementing it! hehehehehe

The secret is.....

Lumina Cosmetic
. Situated at Balcatta. It's quite far from me but I like to go there. hahaah I'm not crazy. It's just I'm happy to see the result of my skin everytime I go there! It's like a kid getting results with flying colours~

I will be greeted by this cute lady with the friendliest smile ever. She will always greet you with her big smiley eyes no matter you are late or early and she will ask you if you want a drink.

For the consultation part now.

He is Dr Hsu. From what I know, he is Taiwanese but with a aussie accent. I guess, he grew up here? He used to be a GP and one day he found an interest in becoming a skin specialist. He invested his money to buy all these cool machine that makes me look like a character in Avatar.

He charged me basically nothing for consultation as long as I got Medicare card! Yoohoo!

This is the scanning-my-face machine. I need to stuck my head there and take a couple of ugliest photo of all time.

But the ugly photos will let you know what is your skin is like. What is UV damage is like or even which spot that pimple will comes out next! It is amazing to see by just taking a few snaps, every M#$% F*$% that is in my face just showed up on the screen.

Good thing is I am cured now. Not perfect yet because I have only been treated for 2 months. I can foresee in like a few months time, my skin will be like those model in the magazine. ahahahaah nah.. just kidding. It's not miracle but at least my skin now is pimple free and my pore is getting smaller. That's my main concern really.

After seeing him, I have canceled my Proactiv subscription, just using A.S.A.P cleanser. 1 Day cream-Duac gel and 1 night cream - Differin cream now. You can get the cream from chemist but with doctors prescription. Please don't go and buy this without your doctor's consent. If your skin goes wrong, don't come and blame me ok!

I am so happy with my skin and trusted him so much, I just ask him all sorts of questions that I wanna know about my skin! Even the most embarrassing one too. Let me secretly tell you.. hehehe I have done IPL with my armpit. YESS, I have revealed my armpit to someone who only saw me 2 hours in 2 weeks!!!
By just 1 IPL session, I can tell you I have not pluck, wax or shave in a month! I got no more worries at all!

I always see those facial or tanning shop that provide IPL services, they always do it in a package with a few sessions. But Dr Hsu didn't. he only did 1 session. and he ask me to come back when I need it again. Isn't it good?

He explained to me before, those shop that do IPL, they always put the laser heat quite low, so that the customer won't feel painful while doing it. But doing it this way, the hair won't die properly. It's like half dead. So, it's useless, right?

I rather be painful for that 1 session and kill them all! Price? 150 bucks. both underarms.
Well, the pain is bearable. Trust me. You just need to say "Aw, aw, aw" when he zap zap zap and it's done in like a few minutes.

If you are interested to see what they can do for you, just visit their website!

I feel soooo good sharing this hehehe cuz I know a lot of people might have same problem as me.
Thanks to my friend Kristy for telling me about the clinic and Dr Hsu for making my skin glow~~~~ ^_^ ahh.. so happy~


Anonymous said...

Well done! Your skin IS looking good!


Jo Serwey said...

yay! thanks judy!

youhou said...

yeaaah i was waiting for that one! thanks!
how's your armpit?
im thinking about doing it now!!!

Jo Serwey said...

hahaha my armpit? AWESOME! no more pluck or wax! hahahaha.. definitely worth it! just go see him. he is very very nice and helpful. really :)

Anonymous said...

oh do i have to let it grow first?


Jo Serwey said...

yea.. grow about 0.5 or 1 cm.
he will trim it if its too long anyway. just give them a call, they will let u know wat do to hehe.

Anonymous said...

thank you! mwaaah!!
do you have an after/before of your skin aswell??
im tryin differin aswell now, see how it goes! and benzoyl the day