Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dinner @ Royal Seafood Restaurant & Dessert @ Greens and Co

A whole group of us went to Royal Seafood Restaurant for dinner 2 days ago for a important gathering. We had quite a lot of food and all was tasty.

We had steamed Scallops with vermicelli & Ginger shallot Oysters for Entree.
There's 12 of us, don't be shock looking at the number of scallops and oysters haha

Mains to share.
Satay Prawns

Fried Yam Duck

Lamb - forgot what it is

Royal Supreme Chicken

Steam egg with crab meats

Tomato and Pineapple Pork Ribs

Abalone Mushrooms with Bakchoy

Sizzling Japanese Tofu with minced pork

After the dinner, the girls went to Greens & Co for dessert while the guys went for a quick fishing at Cottlesloe.

Each had a drink and a slice of freaking huge cake.

I struggled to finish my Tiramisu although is was so nice! It's just too huge for me.
Greens & Co is a really nice place to chill out. Love that place. Especially the lanterns!

Anyway, both of them is the reason why we had the important gathering.
Mira & Khrys came back to Perth for a short trip to organize their wedding with Khrys family and of course to meet all of us. Too bad, they will be leaving on monday.
Time flies.

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