Monday, April 26, 2010

Dinner @ Poppo Korean and Japanese, Perth City

I've always love to go to Poppo to have my meal, usually lunch when I'm shopping in the city.
The Korean food there is always yummy.

I went there last Friday with Lyndia after looking for a place to eat (Andaluz, Greenhouse too noisy & Ruby Thai too quiet! ) before we decided to go to Poppo to have our dinner since Lyndia haven't try it yet.

We got there about 7ish, it was packed. Some people even waiting outside to get a sit.
But the wait wasn't long, probably about 10-15mins or so for our turn.

I recommended Lyndia to try the Vegetarian Sushi. It was my favourite as it tasted sooooo nice even without any meat! I particularly like the sweet potato mash on top. It gives the sweetness to the roll, you won't even need soya sauce. It's refreshing & healthy! Yummmmmmm

We had the Tofu Kimchi. One of my favourite too. They stir fry the Pork Belly with Kimchi. The gravy was excellent.

Then we had the ddeokbokee. Lyndia love this. The Korean Rice Cake.
It was my first time trying this dish in Poppo. It tasted very delicious. I only had it at home when Donald was around in Joe's house. He love to cook this.

I still remember I had this in Korea during winter. They've got this selling everywhere roadside during the winter days... it's the best. Ahh.. I miss Korea. I miss the snow. I miss Elly's family.

Poppo Korean & Japanese

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