Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dinner @ Pata Negra

Dinner at Pata Negra is definitely a good choice. The whole place was wonderfully decorated. Awesomely friendly staff. Yummiest and funkiest tapas I ever had.

I'm lucky to have a table for 6pm that night because it was so many people after 7pm. I get to snap more photos of the place hehe.

It was so comfortable seating there enjoying the interior of it. I love the warm yellow lighting! Love the huge big wine rack!

This is the menu if you are interested. There will be 5 different specials on the day too on the chalk board.

I was so busy snappin pictures, I didn't have time to listen to the waitress properly when she is telling us the specials hehe. Sorry! :P
Anyway, this is what we had that night.

Jamon Serrano 40g

Ortiz Tuna, dried chilli, lemon grilled bread.

Pigs head salad, watercress, marcona almonds and crispy ears.

Oh and PIG NOSE! oink oink!

Pata Negra Fabada - Confit duck, cured pork, chorizo & white beans.

Something different isn't it? Pigs head, ears and nose! I think not many people dare to even eat it! This dish sells off pretty quick! I think they only have like 6-8 plates prepared for the whole night as they crossed it out of the chalk board when it's only 7pm. We were lucky cuz we were the 1st customer of the night hehehe.

As you know I'm Asian, never really a big fan or know anything about Spanish food. But honestly, Pata Negra did a really good job in creating such a creative dish with well balanced taste.

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Anonymous said...

Haha! That's so funny about the pig nose! This place is seriously good - always booked out. My hubby and I come here after 5pm before the dinner crowd, in tapas fashion! I love it that they have champagne by the glass and it is served at the exact temperature that champagne ought to be served at - as in ice cold, but more importantly, it is such a GENEROUS serve. Good champagne too - I think Pol Roger or Louis Roederer. The thing about Pata Negra is THE CHEF IS A GENIUS! The menu changes daily I think, and sometimes we read it and think "hmm doesn't sound too interesting" but the dishes come out and some are outrageously good. Five star food.