Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dinner @ Momiji, Belmont

Joe & I went to Momiji to have dinner. For some reason, we thought we got no time to cook so we had to go out for dinner. But I seriously can't remember why. Gosh, I totally forgot why I went to Momiji and it's just few days ago!! It's good food anyway :)

We had Squid Salad as our entree. This is actually newly added to the menu. Tasted good and it's not expensive.

I had the Curry Chicken Katsu Small.
I was shock to see I only got 3 slices of chicken pieces though. I should have ordered Large haha
But there were pieces of carrots and potatoes in the curry. So, it was alright and tasted good too.

Lucky Joe ordered his favourite Chicken Karaage to share. haha

He had Unagi Rice Small. For sure not enough for him hahaha

Opening Times:
Monday- Saturday
11-2.30pm & 5.30pm-8pm
Unit 6, 51 Belbidere St, Belmont

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Anonymous said...


I have horrible experience here.
21, May, 2010 I went to Momiji with my firend's couple who live in Belmont.

We arrived there before opening and other customers also were waitting to be opened Momiji.

I firstly entered into the restaurant and realised inside had not really fresh air so that I kept open the maind door.

I still wonder why it makes the owner angry.

When we stayed and orderd, owner told me "You open the door, You must close the door. It's not good. It's wrong" with cold face.

First time. i said "Yes. I just want refresh here" and smiled to him. He didn't smiled even say "Why you are laughing?" to me.

I can't believe what i am hearing.

he countinue to say"Here is not Korea. Here is Japan "
Me - "What?"
Japan guy - it's Australia
Me- I told you I can understnad about it and just want to refresh the air inside.
Jpan guy- we have a security camera here.
Me-.........(what i did wrong here...)

Japan guy- you can go, if you are not happy...

we were so angry...and move to another place...

It's Friday night..We just wanted to have nice dinner at there...

How do you think?

it's Claire

Jo Serwey said...

Oh no Claire. thats not good!!!
Joe and I was shock to hear that! I think you won't go there ever again do u.. hehe..
I guess it's the same case with me in Shige where the chef told me off about that shabu shabu.
We both poor lil innocent girls.. never go there again ey? hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Terrible Service I've ever seen,

Very grumpy and rude. Everyone wants to have dinner in a good mood. The two Japanese guy never understand that so many customers are not happy with their service. They only serve the customers they like which means we are paying to let him judge do we deserve being served. Many unhappy experience for me and my neighborer. I would say every customer need same respect. last but not least, if you obey their rules they get angry and get very rude towards - OMG, the attitude is so bad, he thinks he is our god.

Anonymous said...

The food is good but the service is terrible, especially the shorter owners. As far as I know Japanese are not that that, shame on him.

Jo Serwey said...

oh no.. sorry to hear that! I know quite a lot of people complained about that before. But so far, the owner was quite nice to us. I think really depend on their mood? :)