Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dinner @ La Cascade, Nedlands

I had a pretty loooooong day today. Woke up early, did some phone calls to cancel some stuff and order a huge bin for house cleaning day. Went to skin doctor at around 10am. My skin is getting better (NO MORE PIMPLESSSSS!!!!!) Thanks to Lumina. Thanks to Kristy's recommendation, or else I won't have such great skin now! hehe. After that, went to Rach's house to have lunch and took some photographs for her baby boy. Babies are the cutest thing in the world!!! They don't complain, they don't do anything except kicking around the air, eat and sleep most of the time. Love the tiny lil feet and hands. Cute!
Then rush off to pick up Joe off work. Went to Subiaco to have a walk before going to my aunt's house to help her fix up her security lights outside her house that was destroyed by the hail.

My aunt, Eileen, Joe and I went to La Cascade in Nedlands to have a dinner. Just next to Chelsea Pizza. It is a French restaurant that was open since 30 years ago. It's really old and the food was really amazing.

Surprisingly no one ever tell us about this place at all until Alan brought Joe there one day and Joe finds it really nice and was impressed with the food preparation.

Interior was simple and it really looks like 30 years ago deco. Solid bricks. Old fashion leather chairs. Tiny glass lanterns. Antique ceiling lights.
We had the 3 course meal which cost us $65 per person. Make sure you go for this cuz it's worth it. Trust me. Remember to allow at least 3 hours eating time because they are a family operated restaurant.

Top Left: Escargots - Vineyard snails baked in their shells with homemade herbs & butter
Top Right: Calamar - Deep fried squid served in a potato nest with 2 sauces
Bottom Left: Les Beaux - Sea Scallops with bechamel sauce chesse gratined
Bottom Right: Just a tree with lights! hehe

Top Left: Pork Fillet filled with fine shallots, Mushrooms and parsley
Top Right: Snapper fillet with thin sliced avocado and tomato
Bottom Left: Roasted rack of lamb brushed with mustard and herbs
Bottom right: Boneless duck with grand marnier sauce (allow waiting of 40minutes)

Dessert!!!!!!!!! SO PRETTY!!
Left to right: Parfait Grand Marnier (BEST!!!), Passionfruit Mousse with mango sauce, Chocolate Bavarian with orange sauce (Joe's Favourite!)

This restaurant really serves good quality and pretty looking food. We love every bite of our dishes. I was quite surprise with the food and I really love the Escargots, Lambs and Parfait. Those are my favourite of the night.

Next time I go, I will try the Tender Lamb Shank. It's HUGE and looks yum!!!
Go there with a couple of close friends, have a good chat, enjoy every bite of the food and be patient to wait for the beautiful food to come out from the kitchen. It's really worth the wait :)

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love your blog said...

My gooood, please share what lumina did for you!
its been 3-4months my skin got crazy, and suddenly got pimples appearing everyday, and it that lapse of time, got at least 30scars,
every time im clearing my face i just want to cry!!!
could you tell me what they did and the cost? thanks!!

Jo Serwey said...

hello love your blog! haha
I was thinking of blogging about my lumina experience next time when i got the photos but since u are desperate now, im gona say it here :)
I had pimple since i was 15 and it kills me. I tried doctors in malaysia and tried proactiv and even SKII. nothing works on my skin. it slows down.. but came back after.
Lumina doctor is very good. he scanned my skin ( u will be surprise to see!!!) what he gave me was a morning cream and a night cream. u will see the different in a month! i start to realise I dont have pimples anymore after a month. and the scar is not as red anymore which is good! hehe.
if u got medicare then u are covered for consultation fee :) no worries at all. what u need to pay is the cream which u gona buy from chemist.
Hope this helps u!!! Good luck!!!

ching∞ said...

wahhhhhh no side effects, eh?

Jo Serwey said...

how can it have side effect ler?

ayaaaa said...

besides the application of the cream, do you have to do anything else? i visit the website, and i thought it was some kind of cosmetic surgery with dermabrasion or chemical peel, so you didnt do any of this?
do you know whats the component of the cream?
and do you know how much is the consultation? cause im overseas student =(
OMG yeah im very desperate!!
thank you so muuuch

acne battle said...

thank you so much!!
my gp prescribed me minocycline, im gonna give few more weeks,
but it wont heal the scars aaah.
do you have the name of the doctor or there's just one?

can't wait for your pictures!!

yh said...

Hi, im just wondering what camera or which mode do you use for taking pics of those food? Because i went there few times and i know the restaurant is quite dim and cant really see unless use flash.. but flash doesnt make the pics look nice at all.. would be great if u can let me know:) You are such a good food blogger:)

Jo Serwey said...

hi yh!
actually it's just the indoor mode that i've used + I brighten it up using the other function where there's + and - on the camera itself.
Remember to put on the macro mode too. Otherwise, you can brighten up even more using Adobe Photoshop.
Anyway, this is for normal camera.

The other one will be the DSLR. with a good low light lens.. you can practically take a lot of nice and low light shots. but of course, you will need to knw how to use and cost quite a bit.

Good luck yh :)

yh said...

Thanks 4 the help!! will try this saturday wen i go la cascade:)