Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dinner @ Bouchon Bistro, Wembly

Last Thursday, I went out with Joe, Frances and their relatives (Uncle Klass & Aunt Patricia) from Holland. They came to Perth for a short holiday together to celebrate their wedding anniversary. How sweet. :)

We went to the famous French restaurant Bouchon Bistro in Wembly. Frances' friends have been recommending this place a lot and I saw some good reviews too. So we were all eager to try.

Inside was decorated with all kinds of posters and pictures from France. Very cool. and lots of french wine too!

That day was pretty busy for the staff, so the service was a bit slow.. we waited about 15 minutes and asked for menu, and about 20 minutes to order our food. I was hungry and feeling a lil annoyed cuz it was 8pm at night. But everything went okay after eating :)

They served us some bread and butter for starters.

and this.. I forgot what it is.. :P but very tasty


Coconut Marinated Kingfish, Lemon grass and chilli sorbet

Blue swimmer crab cremuex, glutinous rice fritter and vadouvan

Panfried scallops, shaved melon, radish,onion sprouts, verjus dressing, celery mousse

Veal shank and foie gras terrine, pistashio, dried apricot compote, walnute and raisin bread

Salted cod brandade, exmouth prawn filled with snails, crisp pancetta, bouillabaisse broth

As usual, I was busy taking photos when the food arrived. Frances and Joe had to explain to them that I'm a *cough*food*ekhem* blogger, I always take photos on anything and everything and will blog about it. It's good that they don't mind while taking photos of the food all night, cuz some of my friends does, they will laugh at me even! But it's okay.. I don't mind being the weird one once a while~ creates topics anyway haha! While I was taking photos, uncle took out his camera, start taking photos too! Join the fun uncle! Snap! snap!


Braised beef cheek in sherry vinegar and syrah, parsnip puree with spiced corn fritter

Pork bylle confit, cauliflower mousseline, cuttlefish, shitake and cocoa infused jus

Panfried tasmanian salmon, marinated golden needle, hazelnut oil, balsamic and veal jus

Lamb short loin, slow cooked neck and polenta tart, parsley, sage and pinenuts

to share: Gratin Dauphinois


Cheese, almond cake, crackers and fruit paste

Iced gianduja parfait, ginger sorbet, spiced date truffle

Dark chocolate tart with orange and Grand Marnier Sorbet.

It was a nice enjoyable night. Sad thing was I barely say anything that night because I was too shy. Hopeless aren't I?

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Lori @ Wannabe Gourmand said...

Oooh I have been meaning to go to Bouchon for soooo long but haven't got around to it. Food looks great! Will have to make a time to get down there soon...

Jo Serwey said...

hey lori! yea! bouchon is great! u shud go there and try it! awesome food. :) nice meeting u lori!