Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anzac Day, Lunch @ Tak Chee House

I went to Anzac Day Parade last Sunday.
It was my first time there, and the purpose of going there is because of my friend Gwen. She wanted to go there to take photos of the parade. She invited me, so I said yes, cuz I have nothing to do on Sunday and I have never been before! :)

VVIP Seating in the bus stop :P

City was crowded! Kids running around, people just standing there, waiting for the parade to start. Let the photos do the talking now :)

The parade was pretty awesome. But it will be better if Joe was there. He will definitely tell me all the history that I should know. Not that I will remember, but I will definitely find it more meaningful if I know something! :P

I have to show you this photo. The reporter is interviewing a cute lil girl~ awww She is sooo cute... but... look at the lil boy on the left! Whats with his face??? it's green!! He must have dip himself in green paint or something and couldn't wash it off. awesome job kiddo.

After the parade, Gwen and I went to Northbridge to have lunch. Joe came along to join us too. We went to Tak Chee House in northbridge because Gwen is craving for Char kuey Teow.

I had this interesting refreshing drink!
Sour plum with lemonade! I have never drink this before in my life I swear! It is just sooooo nice!!! thirst quenching drink definitely.

Then mains..

Penang Asam Laksa: Soup was authentic. Very very sour and spicy. Disappointed with the noodle though.. I prefer the springy feeling and a lil transparent kind of noodle..

Garlic Chicken Rice: I didn't manage to try it but Joe said it wasn't as good as the last time and less garlicky taste now. But it's still nice.

Char Kuey Teow: I had a bite and tasted good! There's si ham (a type of clam) too in it! You know, not many places cooks them in the Char Kuey Teow in Perth.. Very very hard to find.

Lo bak: Perfect. :)

Kangaroo: I want to hop to Tak Chee house now! Hop! Hop! Hop!!!

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