Monday, April 5, 2010

2 Days of housework

Easter long weekend has gone... No more holidayyyy..
I had so many off days, I actually forgot which day is which!
On Friday, I thought it was Saturday. On Saturday I thought it was Sunday!
Today is Monday and I thought why is my weekends gone so fast!
I was really occupied with outings, dinners, party and house painting. I can't keep up!! hahaha! Who am I kidding.

Ahh painting. Yes, I finally convinced Joe to paint the house with me because I think the house was a bit too dark. I like it bright. I hate and afraid of dark.
Joe agreed and he said to start with the entertainment room. I thought yea okay, since that room look like a store room anyway, such a waste.

This is the Entertainment room cum store room. hahaha. Nobody actually go in there cuz there's too much stuff everywhere.

Joe and I took out everything from the room ( it was hard, lucky got Bo Young to help us a bit) It took us probably an hour to do that. Then wipe down the walls and sugar soap it. That took us another an hour or two.

At around 2.30pm, Joe's buddies came to the house to help on painting! Aww.. so nice of them. We were surprise though. But lucky to have them to help, or else it will take us a long time to paint the room. We were tired after that and I bought them some KFC for dinner and then poker whole night for the guys, wii dance for the girls! with drinks :P

Look at the entertainment room now!
We took the whole day putting everything back and clean everything as well!

So nice isn't it?? So clean and comfy~~~~
We manage to finish everything at around 5pm today. There are some more stuff to do but we were too tired. We are happy with our hard work! I'm gonna be in that room everyday once he install the server there. hehehehe


fiery said...

eh eh

wanna help me paint my room in my new house :D

and wanna ask

where did all the shit go...?

jasonho said...

should have painted it dark since its an entertainment room, no? :)

Jo Serwey said...

leen: decorate yes, paint no SHIT!
those shit is in the living room now ahahahah.. some will throw, some have to put it in the correct place. so.. it's gona be looong cleaning process for the house.

ko: I wanted it to have feature wall, but cant be bothered cuz at 1st i thought it was going to be me and joe painting it. and save money oso lar.. more paint more money and more work. there's other part of the house needed to be paint too.