Thursday, April 29, 2010

How I get my acne cured?

Some of the photos in this post might frighten some of you. Please prepare a pillow to cover your eyes. Just in case.

I have many friends told me that my skin is looking very good nowadays. I was very happy to hear that because I can finally get rid of my dull and pimple-y skin!
When I was young, my pimple will just happily conquer my whole face with redness and volcanos shooting out nearly everyday. It's HORRIBLE! It gaves me ZERO confident ZERO hope. How nice.

Until I was in high school, my mom couldn't take it anymore, she brought me to skin doctor. Doctor gave me some tablet. I took it and my whole body top to toe starts to dries out! It was distress. hate it.

Then to do facial every weekend. Every weekend u know! The lady that did facial for me, I think she's fed up with my face. I still remember the pain when she poke and squeezeeeee my pimple like no tomorrow. My eyes tearing and everytime she squeeze, I just felt like punching her face. It's that painful.

Then my friend introduce me to a skin doctor in Sunway (Malaysia). The doctor gave me 30 days tablet and 2 creams. It works actually. Unfortunately, I couldn't get supply from him easily after that because I have came to Australia to study. I have to get my sister to get me the cream everytime. It is just too troublesome. So, I stopped.

Then I found Proactiv. Everybody knows Proactiv right.. with Jessica Simpson and every other freaking celebrity on the commercial. I was watching TV at night at home in Perth and Proactiv commercial came up. Proactiv have convinced me to call them and try their products. Honestly, it was good. My volcanos have gone from a live one to a sleeping one. It feels good! I have actually used Proactiv for 3-4 years. Then I finally realised my skin goes no where. Didn't cure my big pores or my scars. My skin was dry still until my friend Kristy told me about the skin doctor in Balcatta.

One day, we went out for dinner with a group of friends. Kristy sat next to me, we talk for a bit and I saw this glowing skin from her! I was curious, I said to her "GOSH, your skin looks really great!" Her face just lit up and told me her lil secret. Ever since then.. my skin now is glowing like hers. Well, not as good as her but people been complementing it! hehehehehe

The secret is.....

Lumina Cosmetic
. Situated at Balcatta. It's quite far from me but I like to go there. hahaah I'm not crazy. It's just I'm happy to see the result of my skin everytime I go there! It's like a kid getting results with flying colours~

I will be greeted by this cute lady with the friendliest smile ever. She will always greet you with her big smiley eyes no matter you are late or early and she will ask you if you want a drink.

For the consultation part now.

He is Dr Hsu. From what I know, he is Taiwanese but with a aussie accent. I guess, he grew up here? He used to be a GP and one day he found an interest in becoming a skin specialist. He invested his money to buy all these cool machine that makes me look like a character in Avatar.

He charged me basically nothing for consultation as long as I got Medicare card! Yoohoo!

This is the scanning-my-face machine. I need to stuck my head there and take a couple of ugliest photo of all time.

But the ugly photos will let you know what is your skin is like. What is UV damage is like or even which spot that pimple will comes out next! It is amazing to see by just taking a few snaps, every M#$% F*$% that is in my face just showed up on the screen.

Good thing is I am cured now. Not perfect yet because I have only been treated for 2 months. I can foresee in like a few months time, my skin will be like those model in the magazine. ahahahaah nah.. just kidding. It's not miracle but at least my skin now is pimple free and my pore is getting smaller. That's my main concern really.

After seeing him, I have canceled my Proactiv subscription, just using A.S.A.P cleanser. 1 Day cream-Duac gel and 1 night cream - Differin cream now. You can get the cream from chemist but with doctors prescription. Please don't go and buy this without your doctor's consent. If your skin goes wrong, don't come and blame me ok!

I am so happy with my skin and trusted him so much, I just ask him all sorts of questions that I wanna know about my skin! Even the most embarrassing one too. Let me secretly tell you.. hehehe I have done IPL with my armpit. YESS, I have revealed my armpit to someone who only saw me 2 hours in 2 weeks!!!
By just 1 IPL session, I can tell you I have not pluck, wax or shave in a month! I got no more worries at all!

I always see those facial or tanning shop that provide IPL services, they always do it in a package with a few sessions. But Dr Hsu didn't. he only did 1 session. and he ask me to come back when I need it again. Isn't it good?

He explained to me before, those shop that do IPL, they always put the laser heat quite low, so that the customer won't feel painful while doing it. But doing it this way, the hair won't die properly. It's like half dead. So, it's useless, right?

I rather be painful for that 1 session and kill them all! Price? 150 bucks. both underarms.
Well, the pain is bearable. Trust me. You just need to say "Aw, aw, aw" when he zap zap zap and it's done in like a few minutes.

If you are interested to see what they can do for you, just visit their website!

I feel soooo good sharing this hehehe cuz I know a lot of people might have same problem as me.
Thanks to my friend Kristy for telling me about the clinic and Dr Hsu for making my skin glow~~~~ ^_^ ahh.. so happy~


11:55am send a mail to me saying
Top Perth Chefs Unite to Create Foodie Heaven.

12:00pm Forwarded it to Joe.

12:05pm Try to ring Amuse to book a table. Engaged.

12:07pm Rang Joe and ask he is able to go. He said ok.

12.09pm Rang Frances to check if she is available.

12:14pm Rang Amuse and he told me it's FULLY BOOKED! >:(

How can that be possible!!!! Tickets start selling at 12pm today and he told me SOLD OUT!?!?!

Please......... AMUSE!!! If you are reading this by any chance!!! PLEASE GIVE ME A TABLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for that night...!!!!

No hope d.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anzac Day, Lunch @ Tak Chee House

I went to Anzac Day Parade last Sunday.
It was my first time there, and the purpose of going there is because of my friend Gwen. She wanted to go there to take photos of the parade. She invited me, so I said yes, cuz I have nothing to do on Sunday and I have never been before! :)

VVIP Seating in the bus stop :P

City was crowded! Kids running around, people just standing there, waiting for the parade to start. Let the photos do the talking now :)

The parade was pretty awesome. But it will be better if Joe was there. He will definitely tell me all the history that I should know. Not that I will remember, but I will definitely find it more meaningful if I know something! :P

I have to show you this photo. The reporter is interviewing a cute lil girl~ awww She is sooo cute... but... look at the lil boy on the left! Whats with his face??? it's green!! He must have dip himself in green paint or something and couldn't wash it off. awesome job kiddo.

After the parade, Gwen and I went to Northbridge to have lunch. Joe came along to join us too. We went to Tak Chee House in northbridge because Gwen is craving for Char kuey Teow.

I had this interesting refreshing drink!
Sour plum with lemonade! I have never drink this before in my life I swear! It is just sooooo nice!!! thirst quenching drink definitely.

Then mains..

Penang Asam Laksa: Soup was authentic. Very very sour and spicy. Disappointed with the noodle though.. I prefer the springy feeling and a lil transparent kind of noodle..

Garlic Chicken Rice: I didn't manage to try it but Joe said it wasn't as good as the last time and less garlicky taste now. But it's still nice.

Char Kuey Teow: I had a bite and tasted good! There's si ham (a type of clam) too in it! You know, not many places cooks them in the Char Kuey Teow in Perth.. Very very hard to find.

Lo bak: Perfect. :)

Kangaroo: I want to hop to Tak Chee house now! Hop! Hop! Hop!!!

Tak Chee House on Urbanspoon

Dinner @ Pata Negra

Dinner at Pata Negra is definitely a good choice. The whole place was wonderfully decorated. Awesomely friendly staff. Yummiest and funkiest tapas I ever had.

I'm lucky to have a table for 6pm that night because it was so many people after 7pm. I get to snap more photos of the place hehe.

It was so comfortable seating there enjoying the interior of it. I love the warm yellow lighting! Love the huge big wine rack!

This is the menu if you are interested. There will be 5 different specials on the day too on the chalk board.

I was so busy snappin pictures, I didn't have time to listen to the waitress properly when she is telling us the specials hehe. Sorry! :P
Anyway, this is what we had that night.

Jamon Serrano 40g

Ortiz Tuna, dried chilli, lemon grilled bread.

Pigs head salad, watercress, marcona almonds and crispy ears.

Oh and PIG NOSE! oink oink!

Pata Negra Fabada - Confit duck, cured pork, chorizo & white beans.

Something different isn't it? Pigs head, ears and nose! I think not many people dare to even eat it! This dish sells off pretty quick! I think they only have like 6-8 plates prepared for the whole night as they crossed it out of the chalk board when it's only 7pm. We were lucky cuz we were the 1st customer of the night hehehe.

As you know I'm Asian, never really a big fan or know anything about Spanish food. But honestly, Pata Negra did a really good job in creating such a creative dish with well balanced taste.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Masterchef Australia - HOOKED!!!


You know what I do everytime after dinner?

It is the best show EVER!
This is the only show that made me cheered, feared and screamed in front of the TV!

I think I should tell you what's is it all about yelling a guy's name Alvin.
I'm not cheating on Joe k! :P
He is Malaysian and I'm soooooooo gonna support him! I can see Poh in him hehehe
Poh was from the First Season Masterchef. She is awesome.
She got her own TV show now. It's call the Poh's Kitchen.

Well, of course I support other contestant too like Marion, Adam, Claire, Callum and Jimmy!
All very good cook. I am soooo inspired by them.

I'm so inspired. I seriously need to think of what I should cook tomorrow!
Malaysian style Fish Congee, Korean noodle or Japanese!??!?!

Very difficult decision nehhh... o_O

If you wanna watch Masterchef or you have miss it, you can watch it from here! Ads free hehe.
I can't wait for the next episode!!!! I soooo wanna watch it now!!! Somebody please STOP ME!!!

Lunch @ Crumpet, Vic park

I have totally forgot about to blog this! Christine, Judy n I found this lil gem near our work place.

It was a small n friendly lil cafe/ breakfast place. I love the food there especially the one that I had. Hehe will show u later.

Be aware if you are in a hurry, because it takes quite a while fir them to cook the food unless u get those on the shelves. Looks pretty yum too :)

This is the omelette with mushroom n spinach. Bacon on the side.

French toast. Parmesan toast with bacon n tomato relish.

Egg Benedict with leg ham, fresh spinach on toasted muffin with hollandaise sauce.

It looks good ain't it??
The one that I had was the French toast. It was the best toast I have ever had!!! True story!!! U gotto try it!

I wish the toast is right in front of me nowwwww

Crumpet on Urbanspoon

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lunch @ V Burger Bar, Vic Park

I went to V Burger Bar 2 days ago to meet up with a friend.
She is my high school mate from Malaysia. We weren't in the same group friends while we were in high school, I was the naughty one who hates to study and always play basketball after school with a bunch of friends. I have to admit, I wasn't good in basketball, but I love throwing balls around like a monkey and throw the ball crazily hoping the ball will aim itself correctly to the ring. She, to me is active in interacting with friends, a very smart student who gets high score every time.

After 10 years leaving high school, we found each other on facebook and we found out that we were both in Perth! We decided to meet up yesterday at V Burger Bar in Vic Park.

V Burger Bar opened last year November and it became quite popular. We chatted with the owner for a bit, he was really friendly and funny. The place gets really busy during lunch hour and of course dinner.

My friend had the Chickcorian.
Chicken coriander patty, gourmet salad, lime sweet chili mayo.
She said it was yummo.

and I had the Mini Chicks
Cute size of grilled chicken fillet, gourmet salad, aioli & chips.
Mine is actually a kid size meal. Eventhough it's kids size, I was feeling quite full.
While the owner and both of us chit chatting, the owner look at me and said "Your are having Kids meal"! I said yea.. and it's good! He told me Kids meal was the most basic ones in marination wise. Well, the basic ones tasted really good! Can't imagine hows the normal one will be! hahaha I shall try it next time then.

Anyway, we had a great time talking about the past and getting to know each others life in Perth. We both misses our friends and family back home but we both agree that we love the life here.

Anyway, that girl was Joyce Joseph. We took photo twice because of the sun was too strong and I was too short in the photo. So we had to take another one under the shed with me stepping on the staircase so that I won't look too short. FML.

V Burger Bar on Urbanspoon

Dinner @ Poppo Korean and Japanese, Perth City

I've always love to go to Poppo to have my meal, usually lunch when I'm shopping in the city.
The Korean food there is always yummy.

I went there last Friday with Lyndia after looking for a place to eat (Andaluz, Greenhouse too noisy & Ruby Thai too quiet! ) before we decided to go to Poppo to have our dinner since Lyndia haven't try it yet.

We got there about 7ish, it was packed. Some people even waiting outside to get a sit.
But the wait wasn't long, probably about 10-15mins or so for our turn.

I recommended Lyndia to try the Vegetarian Sushi. It was my favourite as it tasted sooooo nice even without any meat! I particularly like the sweet potato mash on top. It gives the sweetness to the roll, you won't even need soya sauce. It's refreshing & healthy! Yummmmmmm

We had the Tofu Kimchi. One of my favourite too. They stir fry the Pork Belly with Kimchi. The gravy was excellent.

Then we had the ddeokbokee. Lyndia love this. The Korean Rice Cake.
It was my first time trying this dish in Poppo. It tasted very delicious. I only had it at home when Donald was around in Joe's house. He love to cook this.

I still remember I had this in Korea during winter. They've got this selling everywhere roadside during the winter days... it's the best. Ahh.. I miss Korea. I miss the snow. I miss Elly's family.

Poppo Korean & Japanese