Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Takaza, Malaysian cuisine, Northbridge

Today Joe and I were pretty lazy after work so we decided to eat out.

After making a few decision, we decided to try Takaza restaurant in Northbridge. Its used to be D'malaysia but closed down and bought over by a new owner and he change the name to Takaza.

Takaza serve different sorts of things. The got Asam laksa, nasi briyani, Kuey teow n the asian style western food.

When we arrived, I saw lots of Malaysian there! Felt a bit like I'm back in KL hahaha. Listening to them speaking Malay n understanding it. It's quiet exciting :p

Joe had nasi briyani kambing. He doesn't quite like it cuz the lamb wasn't tender, instead it was dry. They must have microwave the meat. Kinda dissapointing though.

Then satay chicken n beef. This is the best satay in Perth I think. Satay sauce thick n chunky, satay was juicy n tender! Yum!

My dinner, Asam laksa. Love the soup but the noodle wasn't my favourite. I still prefer the Chinese style Asam laksa though :P ahhh Miss the Asam laksa from OUG night market..

They are have a promo now, which is order 1 get 1 50% off. But u had to order same price dish, or else no discount.

Heard from the owner, he said April onwards they are going to have teppanyaki in the restaurant! So there will be a chef cooking in front of u with styles while u are eating!

After dinner, we went to play pool. But we did something different this time, we play ping pong! It was fun! I think ping pong skill is getting better! Hahaha

Better sleep now. Haha damn late now. Good night everyone!!

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