Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sparrow indonesian food

Last weekend frances, Joe n I went to sparrow Indonesian restaurant to hub some yummy cheap food in Northbridge.
Sparrow is now our favourite place to have good, cheap good when we miss Malaysian/Singaporean food.

Sparrow has been in Northbridge for a long time! Probably more than 10years! It is very popular as they have been appear in the paper for a few times.

We had sambal tofu n telur.

Indo style croquet.

Sambal beans

Ikan Bakar

Chilli prawns

We love practically every dish! Except we were kinda hoping the dishes can be a bit more spicy. Haha

Frances took this photo of us using her iphone. nice effect isn't it?

The owner of the shop was really humble and really friendly! We like the way he treat the staff and customers. Not like some boss that will scold the staff for tiny lil things.

Felt a bit hungry now haha maybe I shall dine out again?? Hehe kidding... I will cook tonight. Be a good girl.

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ching∞ said...

seriously no good to read your blog with an empty stomach.. *&^%$#@!

Jo Serwey said...

ahahahaha no choice.. thats my entertainment here :P