Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Shanghai Food, Perth

I did something really weird to my friend Alice today. haha! I made her go to Northbridge with me and have a Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Soup Dumpling) Day! She stunned for a bit when I told her about it but she went along with me. Man! She is good! hahaha Usually people will think that I'm crazy and will just ignore me :P

Anyway, first stop, we went to Shanghai Flavors.

We ordered Spring Onion Pancake

Pan Fried Dumpling

and Shanghai Soup Dumpling

All these are Shanghai popular food. I'm not very familiar with Shanghainese food but I can say these ones that we ordered were pretty good. Not too sure about the Spring Onion Pancake though.. it's a bit dry.

Love the Panfry dumpling and the shanghai soup Dumpling (xiao long bao) I think they handmade it. It's pretty different from the ones that I had from other restaurants in terms of texture, shape and taste.

mmm soupy!

After eating those, Alice popped this question to me.

Alice: Can we digest first before we have another one?
Me: Yea sure! 30 minutes later we will go to another shop okay!
Alice: 0_0"

I think she regretted to do this with me hahaha

We went to VHT asian supermarket just across the road to did some impulse buying then head to another Shanghai restaurant. Shanghai Tea House.

In Perth, it's not normal to go into a restaurant and just have 1 tiny order. Usually you go there and have a proper meal. So, because Alice and I felt a bit embarrassed to just order xiao long bao, we ended up ordering Vegetarian delight Cold Noodle and Xiao long bao.

We liked the Vegetarian Delight Cold Noodle's vegetables, not the noodle. hehe. The boss has actually warned us that we might not like the dish cuz she has seen a few people didn't finish their noodle after they had it. We had a chat with the boss and she told us this dish is pretty common in Shanghai, but somehow quite a number of people are not used to the taste.
The quality of the food is pretty awesome. I have dined there once and I love it.
As for this dish, we particularly love the things that were put on top of the noodle. hehehe If the noodle was a bit springy.. I probably will finish everything hehe

Xiao long bao time. Tasted good. But was thinking to myself, the dumplings were too symmetrical to be handmade.. compare to the one that I had in Shanghai Flavor.
I better don't say too much haha

We were so full after that, we had to give up on more Shanghainese food. I think I have to train myself up before I think of having a challenge like this again!

This is the map to Shanghai Flavors. The red arrow.
A few shops down the road is Shanghai Tea House.

Click the image to get clearer view :)

Shanghai Tea Garden on Urbanspoon


Haiiro said...

So you decided to go there. One of my favourite places.

Jo Serwey said...

Yeap, did the research for you! hahaha

Hippo Pool said...

I can't find Shanghai Flavors. Is it possible to give me the address?

Jo Serwey said...

Hello hippo pool
I have put the map into my post.
:) Hopefully it helps!