Thursday, March 4, 2010


As you know my family will move to a new house soon, so I have been looking for things for the house like lights, paintings, decorations and rugs since I'm the "designer" in the family. (My brother actually does everything hahahah I was too far to do all these :P)

One fine day, I got contacted by Buysterrugs and they asked if I can do a review on their rugs.
How bizarre is that?

So I was a bit in a shock (with excitement) when I got their email because they want me to do a review on one of their rugs.

Anyway, I went to have a look at their website and found out that they got HUGE selections! Nice and simple website that is easy to browse through items.

They catagorized the rugs and makes it easy to look for what you want straight away.
Click on the pics below if you are interested!

Not only that, they even make it easier for you by having check boxes on what kind of materials, what size, and price that you wanna spend and etc on the side bar! Smart isn't it? Although it may take a while to load after clicking it, it's better than going through a whole lot of rugs that you are not interested in right?

After looking through buysterrugs, I found some of my favourite and it's in good price too!
I love Cinderella.. when I saw this I was like.. oh!! I want this!!
It's only $39!! Cute right? Unfortunately I just turn friggin 28.. I cannot have that in my room.. i will be a laughing stock for my frens :P

Then I looked at the Contemporary rugs then I found this beauuutiful floral one..
Isn't it nice?

After looking through the website, personally I think it's a good site, but for a person who has "designer" eyes~ ahem! I felt that the website is lacking of something.. which is the homey feeling. I guess it's not important ahhahaah Most important is getting a good rug in a good price right? plus they will deliver it to you! Less hassle! hehe

Anyway, I have decided to give it a try on this rug.
The Milano Gold Shag Rug.

I emailed them back and requested for this rug. They were really friendly and fast!
Now, I just need to wait for the rug to arrive to my house.


Franky said...

i also like the cinderella one :)

ching∞ said...

ooohh ohhhh I saw I saw I saw.. they have the winnie the pooh collections!!

ehh I lurrve the floral carpet too! black n white, simple and cool!

do they deliver outside of Australia?