Tuesday, March 2, 2010


My workmates gave me a surprise today!!
In the middle of working, my manager suddenly stood up with a cheeky smile on his face and took out a wrapped box and a card!

I was like shocked in my mind but I have to control my shock cuz what if it's not for me?? My birthday is not until tomorrow! So I was looking left and right, look at my workmates faces, to see if there's any hint! Hahahah silly me.. Thinking too much.

It is for me~ yay~
See!! I got a box of lindt chocolates~ some scratchies~ and a cute birthday card~
I feel so LOVED~~~!!! wu wu wuuuuu.. :~)

Suddenly I felt I'm a lucky girl, everyone that I care wants me to be Happy on my Birthday~ I can feel it!!! People who came to my party, people who wished me and of course my family, Joe and Francis. The small lil things like this makes me day more beautiful and it actually gave me confidence and encouragement. Thank you everyone.

I never say this in my life to people... I LOVE YOU GUYS!
YOU are very important in my life!
Look! I won 8 bucks! hahahaha.. Lucky!
Gonna be a lucky and happy year ahead! Hopefully!


ching∞ said...

oh my.. i feel the love too! i'm so happy for you.. having such thoughtful colleagues.. I always believe what goes around comes around.. :)

happy birthday sis.. truly wish all your dreams come true.. and all of us miss you terribly at home :(

dknyann said...

OMG..i bought the same Lucky 8 scrathy the other day and won $6, awesome - hi5! :D

dknyann said...

scratchy** lOL