Thursday, March 11, 2010

My cooking!

I'm a good girl today cook for Joe cuz he has been cooking dinner most of the time fos us.
I'm getting better in cooking n understanding on how to cook just by tasting and not using measuring cups all the time! I'm proud of myself wahahaha!
I cook Chinese food!! I usually just chuck something into oven or grill (cuz it's the easiest) but this time I play with sauces and whatever ingredients that I can find to cook 3 dishes 1 soup! (3 sung 1 tong) it's actually a Chinese saying :)

Seaweed egg flower soup

Mince pork omelette Chinese style

Kung po chicken my style

Fish with pickled vege

It might sound weird in english but it's normal for Chinese people. Food is edible this time hehehe happy!!!!


ching∞ said...

So did they like the food? :)

Jo Serwey said...

They say ok wohhh.. normally they say nothing haahahha

ching∞ said...

wah not bad at all then! keep up the good work wey! ;)