Thursday, March 18, 2010

Milano Rug from

Remember I talked about buysterrugs in a few posts earlier? I finally got the Milano rug here in my room 2 days ago! The process of getting the rug was pretty easy, clear and fast. Package wasn't damage or anything. So, everything went really well. :)

Excitedly cut out the side of the plastic bag,
slide out the rug
unrolled it
touched it
feel it
sit on it
pull it
rolled on it
dig it
step on it..

It's really soft and silky!

At first when I looked at the picture on
I thought it's going to be thick & compact like carpet.

But this one that I got, look and feel nothing like that :)
It feels soft and silky and the way they tufted it, is about 2mm apart. That will make it easy to get the dirt out by just shaking it.

Overall, I quite like my rug. Even my cute lil wooden Japanese girl likes it too :)


ching∞ said...

eh tat's so cool!! does the thread come off easily?
looks so comffffyyyyyy!

Jo Serwey said...

nope! the thread was so tight i cant pull it out! hahahaha