Sunday, March 7, 2010

Matilda bay restaurant

Alan and Cecile invited a few friends including us to matilda bay restaurant to have barbecue lobster for 29bucks. They had this promotion that day and so we went.

Matilda bay situated at crawler, which is just nearby where I live 2-3years ago. It's a nice quiet and rather safe suburb.

It brings back memories when I look at the foreshore. I miss the walking with my cousin, miss taking public transport right in front of the Chevrolet car dealer, miss walking along stirling highway, miss my old working places n friends that I made there.

Memories will be memories. It's good because you will miss the moments and will appreciate it. Don't you think so? Things changes so fast sometimes til you can't imagine, I guess this is the way we should learn, to be stronger, adaptable and have an open heart.

Wow, just realised writing blog in the middle of the night and in a quiet room can be quite emotional haha!

I should be talking bout food! Stupid me.

Anyway, the food was awesome.
Everything was nicely done. Service was acceptionally polite. View was fantastic.

Even caesar salad look classy!

It's a very nice place to go to with family or friends. I like it :)
Wonder when they will have this promo again hehe

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