Monday, March 29, 2010

Lunch @ On The Terrace, Claremont

On The Terrace located on Bayview Terrace. Used to be called Kappa. It was bought over by the new owner probably few months ago.
Very nice environment to have a cup of tea or lunch and dinner.
Friendly staff and very attentive :)

I ordered tapas for myself and Joe ordered Pasta and caesar salad.

Pork Belly with seared scallops and blurberry jus

Bruschetta-Smoked salmon, avocado and rocket with red onion jam

Fettuccini -Chicken, mushrom & pancetta with white wine cream

Caesar Salad

We ended up sharing because I wanted to try everything hehe
I love the fettuccini the most. Love the texture of the pasta! A bit chewy, not like those soggy, overcooked, or watery pasta.
Bruchetta will be the second favourite. Well done in taste blending.
Abit dissapointed with the pork belly as it wasn't juicy and tender (the scallop on top was nice though). I have tried the best one in King St cafe, unfortunately they don't make them anymore. Maybe it's too difficult to do it :P

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Franky said...

when did you go there?? whats the place called again?

Jo Serwey said...

I went there last saturday afternoon for lunch.
It's called On The Terrace.
behind hans cafe. rmb?

Anonymous said...

I went there last weekend for dinner and was greatly dissapointed, ordered the goat cheese pizza which had a very chemical taste so I swapped a piece with my partner who had the chorizo pizza and that had the same chemical taste to it. Very dissapointing!
From an expensive restaurant like this you expect higher standards. Even the peer/rocket salad we ordered with it wasn't very crisp and contained grass in it!
No, wouldn't go there again!

Jo Serwey said...

Oh no! thats not good! Maybe their standard has drop! I been there when they first started so it's ok during that time. I have never tried the pizza b4, maybe i shud not order pizza if i go back there again.
:) thanks for sharing.