Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lunch @ Giardini, Leederville

Yesterday afternoon, Joe and I went to Leederville because I wanna have a look at the Leederville market on Oxford St. Went there and walk around to see what's good to buy.. haha ended up buying nothing because it's all stalls and stalls of clothing and I wasn't in the mood to buy clothes :P

So we decided to have early lunch at Jus Burger. We got there and saw long queue and packed with people.. dissapointed and look for another place to have a nice saturday evening lunch. I remembered Christine told me about this place called Giardini in Leederville. She loves going there for lunches and dinners with friends.

The restaurant looked a bit old-ish but it's a very comfortable place to go to.
Staffs were friendly, service was good, food was excellent.

Ice coffee & Lemon Lime Bitter

Peter's Risotto.
Grilled marinated lamb cutlets on arborio rice cooked with oven roasted tomatoes, olives and feta cheese with a dash of garlic and chilli.
Joe was pretty impressed with this one. He said it's creative and loves it.

I had the Fettuccini Fantasia.
Pasta cooked with scallops & prawns with a hint of garlic and chilli, in a whilte wine cream sauce with snow peas & one parmesan crackle.
Sounds yummy right? heheheh

How about after that, head to San Churros just across the road to huv some lovely chocolate fondue for 2? hahahaha just kidding, I didn't had that.. I think I know it's time for me to control my food intake :P

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