Sunday, March 14, 2010

Is it good or bad?

How was everybody's weekend? I had a fairly weird day today.
Bo Young asked me to go shopping with her today in Harbour Town. After 2 hours of waiting for her, I felt really hungry so I requested to eat in Noodle Inn. So happened Bo Young's boss was there, so he treated her for lunch. I had to pay mine of course.

Fried Kuey teow
It was good.

Char siu Wanton Noodle.
Not so good. Noodle was overcooked. Char Siu too hard and thick!

When we were about to leave, I found out that I have lost my parking ticket! I was panic and nervous, went round and round searching for parking ticket but couldn't find it. So, Bo Young went to the parking office and tell them about it while I had to check in my car to see if I left it there. The parking attendant only asked her to pay $4 (3 hours fee), normally in the parking place will make u pay 20-50 bucks for missing ticket. Felt so relieved after that!

After dinner at home (we had steam fish, herb chicken and omelette). I suggested to Joe and Bo Young to go to Burswood because Burswood is having a "Win a million dollar" game where you just need to put the 2 tickets (which have your info in it) in the barrel, and wait til 9pm for them to announce who will win $1000 bucks! If you are lucky, you get to win 1 milllion dollars! I told them that I gotta feeling today, we are going to win!!

So we get dressed and went to Burswood. Guess what! I lost 20bucks to the Roulette game but Joe won 60 bucks! Bo Young won $20! We bet really small. Oh, we didn't get to win the 1 million dollars of course haha.

After the happy winning, Joe and I went to The Moon in Northbridge to have "dessert".


Chocolate Pizza topped with ice cream

I know.. its super duper fattening and it's the worse dessert to have at night..
But the Chocolate Pizza was so nice~ and the fries~ is my favourite of all time~~~
At least I went to play 30minutes ping pong after that! hehe

Not sure if today is "my" day or "people around me having all my luck" day.
Oh well, as long as everyone around me is happy, I'm happy.

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