Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I got a stalker

I was looking through my sitemeter, just wondering who's reading my blog..
Then I click on one of them and found my website was link from a site call Teknoscape.
I click on it and I saw this!

Walked past her house and saw her standing out the front!!

What the hell was I doing that time!?!? I must have look horrible! Just woke up with messy hair?? Was I just staring at the air???

Gosh.. The one that stalked me is Miss DJ! Hi Pretty DJ! Nice to meet you. Can I go to your club? I wanna stalk you too :P


ching∞ said...

chehhhh is a girl who stalks you?! aisay.. if it's some hunks like Josh Duhamel, please courier them over to me! :p

Anonymous said...

Hello! It was me who left that comment, you looked fine when I saw you, you were just looking up at the air ;) haha

Take care, Lisa x