Friday, March 12, 2010

Hawker cuisine, Northbridge

Joe n I had a lil nice evening today. Walk around in the city, had some Chinese food, play ping pong n cracked up some stupid jokes :)

Initially, we wanted to go to Tak Chee House, we changed our mind to Newton Circle, then we change again. We went to hawkers cuisine in the end.

Joe had nasi lemak

I had hokkien noodle. So far this is the nearest to authentic in terms of taste. The only different thing is they used udon noodles instead of yellow noodle. (Perth doesn't have thick yellow noodle)

XO kailan my favourite!
Hawkers cuisine food never go wrong. The best Malaysian-Chinese food in Perth.

Then we went to Potblack to have a game of ping pong. We are loving the ping pong game, Joe even considering getting ping pong table!

I made Joe to buy this cute Easter chocs for me from David jones hehe

Isn't it cute??

On our way back, we saw this car with a very unappealing plate number SARS.... How.... Sick!

Ahhh... Relaxing and sweet day :)


jasonho said...

nasi kemal?

Jo Serwey said...

eh!!! stupid iphone.

Unknown said...

mmm hawkers is my fav chinese in nb :D

and i usually get the hokkien mee, and the hainamese chicken :D

you should also try hawkers special dessert. its massive for its low price :D

plus hawkers has unique drinks available..try lemon ribena with lychee..mmm

also, feel free to post your restaurant reviews on forum, we would love to read your posts there too

kind regards