Sunday, March 21, 2010

Harmony Vegetarian Food Fair in Willeton

Finally! The day has come! Satay! Kuih! Ham zhim peng~~~!!!

The event starts at 11am-2.30pm. Guess what? We got there at 11.30am, there's already one stall sold out all their Poh Piah! what the!? I just got here!!!
This is for my family. You know who's stall is that?
It's aunty Julie! She went there to help out in selling food.

Aunty Julie said people just came at 10.30am and started buying food. I was like NOOOOOOO... I want my FOOD!!!! Seriously!!

I want to have Fried Radish (Chai Tao Kuih). SOLD OUT. argghhh!!!
I want Ice Kacang!! Stupid farking long queue.
Just to buy Oyster Omelette, it takes about 20mins to wait.
Can you imagine how busy is that? Not enough parking space, not enough tables. The people who volunteered on this charity event, I think they were going nuts with people ordering. Not getting paid and need to work soooooooo hard for it. I salute them. But they did a good job on preparing the vegetarian food.

Joe had a piece of Vegetarian Spring roll and look at it! Full of goodness! hahahaha

Don't be shock to see the pic below. Well, Brooke did when she saw us heading out after a big food shopping. She was like look at what you guy got! at least 10 containers of food!

WAHAHAHAHA crazy already.
Let me list out what we got today.
Ang gu kuih, some sweet dessert kuih, peanut-corn pancakes, ham zhim peng, wu xiang rou, spring rolls, chai kuey, nasi lemak, 2xcha siu rice, 2xsatays and 2x oyster omelette.

All Vegetarian!!! FEEL SOOOOO SATISFYING~~~~~
Felt so good girl today because I didn't kill any animals today hehehehe..
My stomach didn't upset at me! Maybe I can be vegetarian? hahahaaha
I think I can hear people laughing together with me already~

I wish they will have same event next year and I will go there at 10am! I don't care.
or maybe I shall go there and help out? I think that will be nice. :)


jasonho said...

i m curious to know how they make the oyster?

Franz Werner said...

The substitute for the oysters were straw mushrooms... similiar only in looks

Jo Serwey said...

i was curious too. they uses mushrooms and some white colour pieces of things.. feels abit like fish balls.. but the taste its there lo :P